Fate/EXTELLA Link Release Date Announced, Adds Drake, Astolfo, & Scathach

Not Nathan Drake, but Francis Drake. Marvelous has announced the release date for Fate/EXTELLA Link, the follow-up to Fate/EXTELLA. Also part of the announcement was confirmation that Francis Drake, Astolfo, & Scathach will be coming to the game, on top of all 16 playable servants from the previous title.



Fate/EXTELLA Link will be releasing in Japan on 7th June 2018 for Ps4 and Vita. No news has been released yet about it coming west, but the previous game did, so it might be a safe bet. Also, there’s been no news on a Switch version yet, though the previous game did find its way to the system.


Fate/EXTELLA Link Release Date Announced, Adds Drake, Astolfo, & Scathach 1


The above TV ad gives a brief glimpse of the fast-paced Warriors-esque action. Basically, if you saw the first game, this will be more of the same — but bigger and better.


Not too much has been revealed about the plot of the game, but it looks set to expand on the elements introduced in the first game, continuing on from the Fate/EXTRA legacy.



The official website still doesn’t have a tonne of information, but you can expect more to drip out as the release date draws ever nearer.


Servants that will be in the game include:

– Charlemagne
– Francis Drake
– Astolfo
– Scáthach
– Nero Claudius
– Nameless
– Gawain
– Cu Chulainn
– Li Shuwen
– Tamamo no Mae
– Karna
– Elizabeth Bathory
– Lü Bu Fèngxiān
– Medusa
– Altera
– Gilgamesh
– Jeanne d’Arc
– Iskandar
– Artoria
– Archimedes



We really enjoyed the first game so have high hopes for this one. You can read our review of that game right here!


Fate/EXTELLA Link will is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as soon as 7th June 2018 in Japan. Keep your eyes peeled for worldwide announcements.

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