Fate/Extra CCC Preview

After much delay, Fate/Extra CCC has been released in Japan. Former doujin group Type-Moon once again teamed up with Imageepoch to follow the story of the PSP game Fate/Extra. The new game has been described as a companion to its predecessor but is also something of a sequel.


Fate/Extra CCC does away with the tournament for the Holy Grail and instead throws the protagonist into a slightly new world with either Saber, Archer, Caster or Gilgamesh. Somewhere during the course of the first game, the Moon Cell (the ultra-computer which generated the game’s world) has been tampered with. All participants of the Holy Grail War are now in a slightly different version of Tsukumihara Academy where they struggle to regain their memory. As time goes on, they discover they are trapped in the virtual world and must work together to escape. The key to their problems lies in Sakura.


Fate/Extra preview screen


The look and feel of the game is an improvement on the first and it’s obvious Fate/Extra CCC was made with a bigger budget. Although the plot is quite bleak, there are many fanservice scenes and options – including the option to dress up your player character and servant in a number of cute or sexy clothes. There is also a feature called the Secret Garden, which is almost like a fanservice version of the game’s Matrix.


Fate/Extra ccc screenshot


There is talk of Aksys localizing Fate/Extra CCC, as they did with Fate/Extra, but nothing has been announced. While the first game sold better than expected, fans can only hope they pick up this game as well. Currently, Fate/Extra CCC can only be bought from Japanese vendors.



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