Fight of Gods Valentine’s Update Adds Freyja DLC, the Norse God of Love (and War)

Fight of Gods is continuing to update with seasonal content! Christmas saw Santa Claus added as a playable fighter, and today there’s also a Fight of Gods Valentine’s update. This love-themed addition is premium Freyja DLC, the Norse God of Love (and War) — and she’s more than up for breaking a few hearts.



In addition to adding Freyja as a playable character, the DLC also adds Folkvang, her very own stage.


The halls of Folkvang are Norse themed, and have a spectating crowd of souls, which are fitting as this is where Freyja leads the departed in the actual mythology.



Digital Crafter have also added a big update to the game, featuring plenty of tweaks. Here’s a big list of them!


Increase the overall game speed.
Fixed the hitbox mirror bug when switched sides – some cross-ups are now changed. (Ongoing amends.)
Fixed bug where Athena’s super couldn’t hit Sif in corners.
Fixed Santa’s long idle animation.
Fixed black background bug in training mode.
Fixed Athena 5H hitbox so she can better hit close opponents
Update the control setting, added apply setting flow.
Redesigned character select screen.
Projectiles won’t disappear when the game’s paused. (D.P. or Super)
Skill particles won’t disappear when the game’s paused. (D.P. or Super)
Combos won’t increase when blocking damage with armor. (Jesus’ 424LMH)
Reduced the hitbox of Zeus’ 236LMH.
Buddha 236LMH recovery frame +4.
Buddha 2L block stun -3.
Fixed hitbox of Buddha’s 626LMH.
Input timing adjusted for Odin 5M > 6M > 5H.
Guan Gong 5H recovery frame +5, block stun -5, forward force decreased.
Mazu 626LMH damage increased (20 > 30), startup frame -5, increased the hitbox.
Mazu 626LMH can be cancelled by D.P.
Mazu 626H increased the forward force.
Mazu 236LMH can be cancelled by 66.
Mazu 2H startup frame -2, increased the hitbox.
Mazu 214LMH can be cancelled by Super. (Only on the ground.)
Mazu Air 214LMH startup frame -3.
Mazu added new SFX.
Lamia’s super startup frame -5, decreased the range.
Lamia 626MH startup frame -5.
Lamia 214H increased the hitbox.
Lamia JM and JH push force decreased.
Lamia added new SFX.
Amaterasu 236LMH added projectile number restrict.
Amaterasu 236LMH recovery frame +3.
Amaterasu 236LMH push force decreased.
Amaterasu Air 236LMH increased the juggle force when hit.
Amaterasu Air 236LMH can be cancelled by D.P. (Still need to trigger first on the ground.)
Amaterasu Air 236H increased the push force.
Amaterasu Jump Delay +2.
Amaterasu D.P. duration increase. (30s > 35s)
Anubis 2L, 5L can cancelled by 214LMH.
Anubis 214LMH increased damage. (100 > 120)
Anubis 214LMH > 626LMH slowed the timing.
Anubis 214M last hit juggle force decreased.
Anubis 214L won’t juggle.
Anubis 5M juggle force decreased, 5M > 214LMH slowed the timing.
Anubis 626LMH damage decreased (45 > 30), recovery frame +4.
Anubis 626H decreased the push back force and the juggle force.
Anubis 626L decreased the juggle force.
Anubis 236LMH fixed the hitbox (won’t miss hit in corner), added corner push.


Freyja is priced at £2.09/$2.99, and is available for Fight of Gods from today!

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