Final Fantasy IX TV series reportedly in the works

An animated adaption of Square Enix‘s Final Fantasy IX is seemingly in planning stages, according to a report by Kidscreen.

The report reveals that the series will be co-developed and co-produced by the French animation company Cyber Group Studios, with production beginning by the start of 2022.

One potentially worrying part of this news is that the show will be aimed towards 8 to 13-year-olds. Not that a show for that demographic can’t cover more mature subject matter, but it does make you wonder if everything from Final Fantasy IX will remain intact — despite the more cartoony visuals compared to FF7 and 8, it still has some darker moments.

Of course, with no official announcement from either Square Enix or Cyber Group Studios, there’s a chance that the adaption wont go ahead — even Cyber Group Studios CEO Pierre Sissmann mentions that the show still needs to be pitched to broadcasters.

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