Final Fantasy VII Sensible Wear

They’re some of the most loved characters in video gaming, but how do our  favourite eco-terrorists fare when it comes to being judged on the practicality of their outfits? Going by our Final Fantasy VII Sensible Wear gallery, some of them shouldn’t have even left the Sector Seven slums…




Health and safety’s a bitch. I’m just a bit too young to remember the days when you could happily spend the afternoon milling about a building site in nothing but your tighty-whiteys, but my granddad spoke of them fondly. Nowadays you have to fill in a disclaimer and wear a hard hat just to buy a sandwich.


This leads me to wondering about the practicality of our favourite protagonist’s attire. Things would have turned out differently if Aeris was wearing body armour, for instance. And so, in true Internet fashion, I’ve created ‘Sensible Wear’ – your handy guide to knowing just how practical your favourite hero’s appearance really is. Cue gallery…


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