Final Fantasy XIV All Saints’ Wake 2022 event begins January 20

The ongoing pandemic and delay of Endwalker has caused numerous issues for Final Fantasy XIV‘s event schedule. Said schedule has been impacted so much that the game will be getting it’s Halloween-themed event, All Saints’ Wake, during January this year.

All Saints’ Wake 2022 begins on January 20, being the first time this event has run in over 2 years. Thankfully, the wait seems to have been worth it, as it’ll bring a brand new outfit amongst other rewards.

The Adventurers’ Guild Investigator NPC in Old Gridania will start the quest chain for All Saints’ Wake 2022, with completion of the quests netting you a Clown outfit, makeup, and some pumpkin housing items.

Final Fantasy XIV All Saints Wake 2022 rewards

It does feel a little odd to go from the new years’ event to a Halloween one during January, though it’s better than having to wait nearly another year for the event to run.

Currently, there’s no event schedule for Final Fantasy XIV during 2022. Valentione’s Day would usually start around now, so it’ll probably be combined with Little Ladies’ Day again during February.

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