Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker announced

During today’s announcement showcase, Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the fourth expansion for its long-running MMO.

It’ll be arriving some time in Fall 2021, slightly delayed from the usual release schedule for expansions. This is because of the pandemic, which has already affected some Final Fantasy XIV events during Shadowbringers’ lifetime. That’s also the reason why this announcement showcase was created, being a replacement for the multiple cancelled fanfests.

Endwalker will mark the end of Final Fantasy XIV’s main Zodiark and Hydaelyn story arc that has been ongoing since A Realm Reborn, if not since 1.0. In fact, it’ll all wrap up with 6.0, allowing the following patches to move onto new things.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Opening Alphinaud

We’ll have a full round-up of everything shown during the announcement showcase — including more on the new jobs — over the weekend, so stay tuned!

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