Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker details job changes

Over the weekend, the Final Fantasy XIV team detailed some of the changes coming with the release of Endwalker this November. Most of this related to the game’s roles and jobs, including a lengthy job action trailer.

Many of the changes are just more powerful versions of existing skills, or small quality of life changes (for example, Warrior can activate Storm’s Eye using its AOE combo).

Monk and Summoner both seemed to get the most changes, with Summoner in particular taking up a significant part of the trailer. It’ll now be somewhat closer to what many players expected from the job, letting you summon larger versions of the Garuda, Ifrit, and Titan Egis.

The full Live Letter goes into more detail as to what will be changing in Endwalker, including role specific tweaks. Most jobs (outside of Scholar, unfortunately) have received some interesting changes, though the full extent of their updated movesets wont be known until closer to launch.

There’s a lot of hype for Endwalker’s release, with player counts the highest they’ve ever been. This popularity has come with a cost, however. Servers are constantly overloaded, and the planned server enhancements have also delayed cross data center progression until after version 6.0.

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