Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker launches November 23

Over the weekend, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy XIV‘s fourth expansion, Endwalker, will release on November 23, 2021.

The announcement was part of this year’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival — a digital only event unlike previous years, thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

Pre-orders are available now, giving access to a couple of in-game items: a Menphina Earring and Wind-up Palom Minion. Both of these can be redeemed for use now, with the earring granting 30% bonus XP up to level 80 (the game’s current cap). Pre-ordering will also grant a few days of early access, letting you start Endwalker on November 19.

A decent amount was revealed for the upcoming expansion during the Fan Festival, including its full opening video and details on some of the areas we’ll be visiting. Old Sharlayan will act as the new hub city, and the second new Job, Reaper, was revealed. As expected, this melee DPS job uses a scythe, sporting some flashy attack animations to go along with it.

Male Vieras, which were absent in Shadowbringers, are also making their way to the game with Endwalker. Female Hrothgar were confirmed as well, though they’ll be released at a later date — though it was unclear if this meant during the 6.x patches or later.

November is a while away, though a delay from the usual expansion schedule was expected. At least there’ll be plenty of time to catch up on any content you may have missed over the years, and you could always try out next month’s Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis to pass the time.

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