Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker OST arrives in February

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker not only marked the end of a long-running story arc, but it also brought even more amazing music to Square Enix’s MMO. And now, pre-orders have opened for a physical version of the soundtrack, along with a few extra bonuses.

Priced at £34.99, the 62-track Endwalker Original Soundtrack will launch on February 23, 2022. It covers the expansion’s OST up to 6.01, including the first tier of Pandaemonium.

A number of videos will be part of the OST Blu-ray, with an Endwalker Music Video and footage from the 2021 Chinese Fan Festival having been announced so far.

As a final bonus, a Wind-up Vrtra minion code is included for use in Final Fantasy XIV. Like other minions tied to soundtrack releases, this probably wont be available separately at any point.

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