Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker preliminary patch notes now available

Square Enix has released preliminary patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker ahead of the expansion’s release on Friday.

These patch notes don’t include everything that will be part of 6.0, with some parts being held back until after maintenance begins tomorrow at 9PM GMT. Of course, while some details are included for the new story quests and content, even the full patch notes will leave out anything too spoilery.

One interesting reveal from the preliminary notes is that role quests will involve many familiar faces from the main story, including Hien and Kan-E-Senna. Some of these quests will take place in the new city Radz-at-Han, while others will be spread around existing areas of Eorzea.

Endwalker is looking to be the largest expansion yet for Final Fantasy XIV, which is appropriate considering that it’s ending such a long-running storyline. Here’s hoping the servers manage to survive, though players have been warned to expect congestion and other issues at launch.

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