Korean Final Fantasy XIV server gets school uniforms

During a livestream for the Korean version of Final Fantasy XIV, it was announced that school uniforms will be getting added next month.

Some combinations of clothing items in XIV already allowed for a look similar to school uniforms, but Korean players will be getting the real thing first. There’ll be two sets to choose from, with no gender restrictions to worry about.

Final Fantasy XIV Korea school uniforms screenshots

Square Enix have also launched a site for the new outfits, which includes some new screenshots, and even a short high school AU manga. It’s a lot of detail for what amounts to cosmetic items, especially when you consider how barren the event pages for other versions of XIV have been recently.

Both school uniforms will be available in the Korean version of Final Fantasy XIV on December 8. As with most items initially released on the Korean and Chinese servers, these will probably make their way to the EU, NA, and JP versions as paid DLC at a later date.

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