Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 out now

After a day of maintenance, Patch 5.4 ‘Futures Unwritten’ is now available for Final Fantasy XIV.

There’s a lot to keep players busy during December, from new main story quests to the finale of the Eden raids.

For a brief look at some of this new content, check out the previously released trailer. If you’re after a more detailed breakdown of 5.4, Square Enix also uploaded full patch notes during the 24 hour server downtime. Naturally, both of these contain spoilers for Shadowbringers, so maybe hold off on clicking either link until you’re done with 5.3.

For Monk mains, this patch will bring some much needed changes to the job. As was the case with many job adjustments for Shadowbringers, Monk has been made much easier to play. Specifically, it now gets a speed bonus 100% of the time, with a flat damage increase to most moves on top of this.

After today, there’s only one major patch left for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Square Enix may be showing off the next expansion early next year, as a showcase stream is planned for February.

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