Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.45 releases February 2

The release date for Patch 5.45 of Final Fantasy XIV has been revealed by Square Enix, with new content set to arrive on February 2.

.05 patches in Final Fantasy XIV are designed to tide players over until the next major patch arrives, but that’s not to say that Patch 5.45 doesn’t include anything interesting.

Delubrum Reginae is the game’s next large-scale instance, having both a regular 24-man version and a savage 48-man variant. Hopefully you’ve managed to clear Castrum Lacus Litore already, as it’ll probably be a requirement for this new raid.

Final Fantasy XIV 5.45 Blue Mage

Limited job Blue Mage is also getting its own improvements, with a raised level cap bringing new spells and equipment for you to farm.

The official Patch 5.4 website has been updated to include screenshots of this new content, though there wont be any patch notes until the day of release.

For those of you with lapsed subscriptions, Square Enix will most likely be offering a few days of free play time soon, like it did for Patch 5.35. As recently discovered by Rice Digital editor Pete Davison, Final Fantasy XIV has received many updates over the years to improve the returning player experience, so there’s never a bad time to come back to Eorzea!

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