Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.55 arrives May 25, upcoming schedule revealed

Final Fantasy XIV‘s last major patch before Endwalker, Patch 5.55, is set to be released next week on May 25, 2021.

The bulk of Patch 5.55 is made up of main story quests, and a new area for the “Save the Queen” questline.

As was the case with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and every expansion following it, Patch 5.5 was only part 1 of the overall patch storyline; 5.55 acts as part 2, giving us the events that will lead directly into Endwalker.

Meanwhile, the Save the Queen questline is getting a hefty chunk of additional content. This includes a new area, “Zadnor”, bringing with it more critical engagements and an increased resistance rank cap. The final step for upgrading resistance weapons will also be implemented, most likely tied to the new 48-man battle content “Dalriada”.

With Endwalker releasing all the way in November, the development team laid out what will be happening over the coming months. The Make It Rain Campaign returns once again, along with the Final Fantasy XV collaboration. August will also see another two returning events, Moonfire Faire and The Rising.

Final Fantasy XIV upcoming schedule

Finally, some minor patches will arrive between June and August — these should include minor bug fixes and increased (or removed) tomestone and item caps.

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