Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.08 brings Oceania servers, job buffs

Patch 6.08 for Final Fantasy XIV has now launched, bringing the long awaited “Materia” Oceania data center and a number of buffs to jobs.

Materia features five worlds named after primals from the Heavensward expansion — Bismarck, Ravana, Sephirot, Sophia, and Zurvan — with each one offering bonuses for new or transferred characters.

However, the number of people transferring characters over to Materia has caused congestion issues with the Home World Transfer Service. Square Enix has stated that the service is still operating normally, but transfers will take longer than usual.

Final Fantasy XIV’s servers have generally recovered from the heavy congestion caused by Endwalker’s launch, though some data centers are still at capacity.

As for job buffs, the focus has mainly been on increasing the potency of certain moves. These should improve the jobs that have been underperforming during Endwalker, including Paladin and Dancer.

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