Final Fantasy XIV sales halted as servers struggle with increased player base

After weeks of server issues, Square Enix has made the decision to temporarily halt sales of Final Fantasy XIV and suspend its free trial service for new accounts.

This includes physical copies of Final Fantasy XIV, which will be removed from stores over the coming days. Additionally, no new advertisements will be put out (can’t really advertise a game no-one can buy, after all).

For subscribed players — regardless of whether they own Endwalker — Square Enix will be giving out an additional 14 days of free game time, on top of the previous 7 days.

It was also confirmed that Patch 6.05 will still release on January 4, 2022, as any further delays would affect Patch 6.1 onwards.

When MMOs are no longer sold, it’s usually due to the servers being shut down. It’s not every day that it happens to a game because it’s too popular. With the holiday event starting today and further patches planned over the next month, there’s no telling when things will finally calm down.

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