Final Fantasy XV Demo Nearing Release

 Final Fantasy XV Demo Nearing Release

Final Fantasy XV demo is nearing it’s release date alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on the 20th of March. Let’s take a look at new footage from Famitsu and brand new screenshots to get us hyped up.





More footage from Famitsu shows our favourite boy band after some of the enemies. We get to see how your comrades give comments in relation to the situation at hand. For example when Noctis gets injured some of them will comment whether he is alright. Also there is a scene where we get to see Noctis sword shifting mechanic in action, as he transports himself on some metal structures.

Also we get a look at a city and more of camps. We get to see a delicious meal our guys have cooked at the camp site. Apparently our heros can also sleep elsewhere, like a trailer.



Make sure to check out the new screenshots as well.




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