Final Fantasy XV DLC Will Have You Fight The Square Enix CEO

In the wake of Final Fantasy XV’s release, Square Enix live streamed a special Mystery Disc demo exclusive to this event. The demo contained a ton of fan art, a food mini-game with a giant child Prompto and ended in an unexpected, but nevertheless epic, battle against Square Enix’s CEO.



The CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, put up a good fight against the prince. His exception dodging skills, warping sword techniques, machine guns and laser beam eyes, make for a breathtaking battle. It’s nice to see that Square Enix still has a good sense of humor.


While initially teased as a joke, this ridiculous side story will be making its way to fans as DLC. The company is also planning to release a free Holiday Pack DLC which promises to extend the game by providing a New Game + option.



Final Fantasy XV is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and has shipped over 5 million copies worldwide just on its release day.

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