Final Fantasy XV Shiny New Screenshots

 Final Fantasy XV Shiny New Screenshots

After last week’s 40 minute demo, Square Enix has shown 15 new screenshots of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. Screenshots show off breathtaking environments of the Duscae region with characters engaging in missions, exploring and camping.




We get a little bit of everything. There is one screenshot that features a cave setting, another the gas station and a few of a camping site. Then we have a bit more of the combat and the effects look stunning. It seems Final Fantasy XV has been shaping up quite nicely and there are indications that the final version of the game will feature even more impressive graphics. Square Enix has invested quite a bit into their Luminous Studio engine and the technology behind it. We can already see it starting to pay off.




If you’ve missed the last week’s gameplay of the demo here it is. The release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 alongside the Final Fantasy XV Demo is 20th of March for Europe.


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