Final Fantasy XV videos make it look amazing

I have to make a confession. I’m not really a fan of Final Fantasy. I mean, I WAS a fan for VII and VIII – but like so many, I’ve kind of lost interest. I think XII was the last one I took seriously enough to play for any real length of time. As a result, my brain has switched off from any news-hype on Final Fantasy XV. It’s like the Lightning trilogy really killed it for me.




Oh baby – these Final Fantasy XV videos look VERY nice. One is a little open world gameplay, and the other is a bit – tech demo-ey. In so far as… er… it’s a tech demo.


Sure, it looks a little J-Pop-boys-on-parade. Like they’re scoping out locations for their next underwear commercial – but when it looks this good. WHO CARES! I particularly like Epic Hair Girl at 2:12.


I can confidently say the next generation is no longer about Hideo Kojima’s wet-look rubber cloaks, or emergent horse poop gameplay, but about Square Enix’s epic haircuts


You have been ‘warned’.






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Think about it!


THINK! (then buy!)




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