Final Street Fighter V DLC character Luke revealed

The final character of Street Fighter V Season 5 has been revealed, and it’s not another returning character. Luke, a brand new addition to the series, will join the game in November.

According to Capcom, Luke will be “a key player in the future of Street Fighter”. His moveset is akin to Muay Thai — a fighting style that has been used multiple times in the series — mixed with speedy projectiles and charged punches.

As part of the Summer Update 2021 broadcast, Capcom also announced that the previously-revealed Oro and Akira will both launch on August 21, 2021.

Luke marks the end of character DLC for Street Fighter V, with Capcom’s description of him pretty much confirming that there’s a new Street Fighter in development. Hopefully they’ll learn some much-needed lessons from the initial launch of V (and add working rollback netcode this time).

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