Finally the Shenmue 3 story trailer gives me confidence

I have to say, I very much like the most recent Shenmue 3 story trailer. It’s the first time we’ve had a more rounded look at the characters and crucially their faces. It’s always been a bone of contention for me that the faces in this game have been so weird, so it’s nice to see everything look much tighter in terms of design.


Check out the Shenmue 3 story Trailer below;



Firstly it’s nice to see some more hints about what will be going on in Shenmue 3. Shenhua and the local villagers being hounded as Lan Di’s search for the mirror continues.


Shenmue Story Trailer 1


Secondly, we get to see who Ryo’s next mentor might be, a man who clearly knew his father and seems to be reluctant to help Ryo in the beginning.


Shenmue Story Trailer 2


But perhaps the most important thing here is the game’s design. It’s really nice to see it leaning more towards a stylised look. While technology has obviously moved on since the Dreamcast days – I think the design direction here has a really nice simplicity to it, and in that way, sympathetic to the originals. There’s a nice solidity to everything, and I’m really starting to appreciate that.



Shenmue Story Trailer 3


It’s also nice to get a better glimpse of the combat, which, as you’d expect is giving off some distinct Virtua Fighter, and in turn Shenmue, vibes.


All in all then, this Shenmue 3 story trailer has helped ensure my confidence (or should that be hype) levels are rising.

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