Fire Emblem Heroes Second Voting Gauntlet has Begun

You might remember the absolute bloodbath that was the first voting gauntlet, where Lucina won a resounding victory. Now Fire Emblem Heroes second voting gauntlet is underway and pitting some of your favourite characters against each other once more, but only one can end up on top! Who will it be?!


A few of my favourite characters are going to be battling it this time around, and you can see what the match ups are below. Keep in mind they’re all Wyvern Rider and Pegasus Knight units — can’t have anybody attacking a weakness now, can we?


The first round will see Hinoka vs. Camilla, Cordelia vs. Cherche, Palla vs. Minerva and Tsubaki vs. Beruka. I’ll personally be voting for Cordelia this time around.


fire emblem heroes second voting gauntlet

Round one of the Fire Emblem Heroes second voting gauntlet has begun and will last until the 7th, round two will be from 7th-9th and the final round lasts one day, ending on the 10th. Who will you be rooting for?

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