Fire Emblem Heroes Update Adds Grand Conquests, Thracia Characters

The recent Feh Channel livestream has revealed plenty of info on the new Fire Emblem Heroes update! As well as some of the usual tweaks and additions, this version will be introducing a “Grand Conquests” mode and more characters from Thracia 776. How exciting! You can watch the full Feh Channel video below:



New Characters

Fire Emblem Heroes Update Adds Grand Conquests, Thracia Characters

So, Leif is finally getting added to Heroes, alongside some more characters from Thracia 776! The “World of Thracia” Summoning Focus begins on April 11th and contains 4 characters, two of which are alters for Reinhardt and Olwen. There will also be another new character available through the upcoming Tempest Trials, and one through a new Grand Hero Battle as well! Here’s a closer look at some of them and their skills:



– Leif: Prince of Leonster (CV: Nicolas Roye, art: Aoji)


– Nanna: Nordion Princess (CV: Alicia Stratten, art: Konfuzi Kokon)


– Olwen: Righteous Knight (CV: Tara Sands, art: cuboon)


– Reinhardt: Thunder’s Sword (CV: Chris Smith, art: cuboon)


New Weapons

Fire Emblem Heroes Update Adds Grand Conquests, Thracia Characters

In weapon updates, Lilina will be getting a Forblaze tome, while Fir and Karel will be able to use the Nameless Sword. Both these new weapons will have options in the weapon refinery too, along with some others. Roy’s Binding Blade and Lloyd’s Regal Blade will have new skills available, while Ephraim’s Siegmund can be upgraded to Flame Siegmund and Hector’s Armads to Berserk Armads.


Tempest Trials+

Fire Emblem Heroes Update Adds Grand Conquests, Thracia Characters

The Tempest Trials are undergoing some changes, and are being renamed Tempest Trials+ to reflect that! The differences are:


– Automatic recommendation on what difficulty to play


– Boost to all allies during the first 2 battles of the day


– Double EXP & SP during the first 2 battles of the day


– All bonus allies give a 40% score boost rather than being split into groups giving 40% and 20% boosts


– Stamina cost reduction


– Event duration and rewards adjusted


The duration of the Tempest Trials is going down from 14 days to 10, but the scores needed for rewards will be the same as they were in the Tempest Trials Mini events. The first Tempest Trials+ even will begin on April 21st, with Finn: Lance of Legend available as a reward.


Grand Hero Battle

Fire Emblem Heroes Update Adds Grand Conquests, Thracia Characters

Starting from April 11th, 7 more Grand Hero Battles are being added to the daily rotation alongside the current ones, giving you more opportunities to recruit Legion, Zephiel, Valter, Clarisse, Berkut, Arvis, and Camus if you missed them before. A totally new Grand Hero Battle will also be available on April 17th, where you’ll be able to get Saias: Bishop of Flame from Thracia 776 too!


Fire Emblem Heroes Update Adds Grand Conquests, Thracia Characters

Similar to the Tempest Trials, all Grand Hero Battles and Legendary Hero Battles will be seeing a stamina cost reduction as well. The new stamina cost for these will be 0 though! This is bound to be really useful when it comes to working out ways to complete maps on Infernal difficulty!


Hero Rarity Changes

Fire Emblem Heroes Update Adds Grand Conquests, Thracia Characters

Now that there are so many more characters in Fire Emblem Heroes than there were when it started, adjustments are being made to the rarity of particular Heroes. In an update coming earlier than the others described in this instalment of Feh Channel, 46 Heroes are changing from 4* – 5* rarity to 3* – 4* rarity. Prepare yourself for the very long list of Heroes affected!



– Marth: Altean Prince

– Ogma: Loyal Blade

– Athena: Borderland Sword

– Seliph: Heir of Light

– Roy: Young Lion

– Eirika: Restoration Lady

– Chrom: Exalted Prince

– Corrin: Fateful Prince

– Cain: The Bull

– Seth: Silver Knight

– Caeda: Talys’s Heart

– Lilina: Delightful Noble

– Tharja: Dark Shadow



– Lukas: Sharp Soldier

– Effie: Army of One

– Abel: The Panther

– Roderick: Steady Squire

– Mathilda: Legendary Knight

– Oscar: Agile Horseman

– Peri: Playful Slayer

– Catria: Middle Whitewing

– Clair: Highborn Flier

– Cordelia: Knight Paragon

– Mae: Bundle of Energy

– Reinhardt: Thunder’s Fist

– Nowi: Eternal Youth



– Raven: Peerless Fighter

– Hawkeye: Desert Guardian

– Sheena: Princess of Gra

– Titania: Mighty Mercenary

– Camilla: Bewitching Beauty

– Merric: Wind Mage

– Boey: Skillful Survivor

– Soren: Shrewd Strategist

– Fae: Divine Dragon



– Jeorge: Perfect Shot

– Leon: True of Heart

– Klein: Silver Nobleman

– Rebecca: Wildflower

– Jakob: Devoted Servant

– Kagero: Honorable Ninja

– Maria: Minerva’s Sister

– Lachesis: Lionheart’s Sister

– Lucius: The Light

– Sakura: Loving Priestess

– Priscilla: Delicate Priestess


Phew! It was about time some changes like this were made. Hopefully, this will make it easier to get any of these you’re still missing!


Grand Conquests

Fire Emblem Heroes Update Adds Grand Conquests, Thracia Characters

Finally, the new event mode, Grand Conquests! Based on the Rival Domains-style battles, this mode will see you using a larger team of Heroes to battle for the highest score you can get in 10 turns! Each player will be automatically assigned to one of 3 armies – Alfonse’s, Sharena’s, or Anna’s – and will fight for dominance for their team across 30 areas!


As well as defeating the opposing armies to try and conquer new areas, you’ll need to try and rack up as many points as you can to defend your army’s territories too! The Grand Conquests event will use its own Stamina bar, which refills at 1 per hour and can have up to 8 units, so you can participate in the event on top of the usual battles without it affecting your normal Stamina costs!


Fire Emblem Heroes Update Adds Grand Conquests, Thracia Characters

The first Grand Conquests event will begin on April 13th, and will run until April 18th.


This is a big update, with lots of exciting stuff! Different game modes like Grand Conquests really help keep things new and fresh in Fire Emblem Heroes – they’re a great move! I can’t help but wonder if they’re possibly any sign of things to expect from future Fire Emblem titles too though…


The new Fire Emblem Heroes update is live now, with events coming later this month. Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Android and iOS devices.

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