10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I’d Like to See

The game may be out this week, but I’m not done pondering yet, so it’s time to look at some Fire Emblem Warriors character additions it would be cool to see! Should the game get more DLC, or a sequel building on the current roster rather than simply replacing it, these could be interesting and not totally unreasonable choices.


Azura – Fire Emblem Fates

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

Granted, it’s highly likely she’ll be making an appearance in the first DLC pack, which focuses on Fates. There may be a lot of Fates characters in the FEW roster already, but Azura deserves to be one of them. Not only does her prominence in the story of Fates make her absence distinctly noticeable, but Azura would have a great playstyle that FEW is somehow not covering at all yet, even with it’s impressive 25-strong selection.


First things first, she’s a refresher unit. I don’t know how this would translate to Warriors exactly, given that characters don’t need to be granted the ability to move twice, but it’s a prime opportunity to play with what she can do. Maybe she could boost speed, heal small amounts, or provide some other buffs to nearby allies as refreshers have done in the past.


Unlike the healers, who’ve had to be classed up once already to allow them to actually fight, Azura is also not defenceless. Her naginata would provide her with excellent reach and fill the role of the also inexplicably absent infantry lance unit. While that should be covered with the game’s inclusion of Oboro already, she’s sadly not playable, so that box is yet to be ticked.


Ninian – Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

If Azura doesn’t make it in (or even if she does), then someone who could be well-suited to take her place is Ninian. Not only is Ninian a refresher unit by virtue of her Dancer class, she’s also a Manakete, meaning she can turn into a dragon. While she was actually incapable of attacking in Blazing Blade, where she was introduced, she has combat ability as a Manakete in Heroes, and the dancer-dragon combination is just so wonderful and unusual. I bet she’d be really fun to play as!


As far as Fire Emblem Warriors goes, there’s currently only one playable character using a Dragonstone – Tiki – as Corrin’s dragon transformation is blended in with their swordplay as special moves. Like Azura then, Ninian would cover two bases that Fire Emblem Warriors currently has few, if any, characters for.


Ike – Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

Unstoppable in his popularity, and one of the better known Fire Emblem characters in the west, it’s a surprise and a shame that Ike hasn’t been included in Warriors as an outlier like Lyn and Celica. There may be a lot of sword users in Fire Emblem Warriors already — which is fairly unavoidable, when so many characters use swords, and also not helped by adding more original sword users — Ike’s a bit of a special case.


Ragnell is not only a heavier weapon than the swords many Lord class protagonists use that would deal more damage, but it’s capable of attacking over distance in his games. I’m not really sure how that last bit would help much outside of a grid-based system, but it’s part of what makes his fighting style stand out.


Micaiah – Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

We don’t actually have any straight-up Mages in Warriors yet (though Tharja will probably be in the Awakening DLC), as Robin can also use swords and Leo is on horseback. Micaiah would be great in filling that role. She also has the unique skill Sacrifice, which allows her to heal an ally at the cost of her own HP.


Given that Warriors still sees you using multiple playable characters across a map and has the option to include permadeath, Sacrifice would be a nice inclusion that could still benefit you out on the field if another character you value a lot (say, Ike) is close to death. Micaiah also uses light magic, which is an uncommon element that could help distinguish her from the few Mages we currently have.


Minerva – Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

You know what this game needs? More wyverns. We have 3 Pegasus Knights (which is pretty handy for a triangle attack), but only one Wyvern Rider. As Minerva is the only Wyvern Rider that joins you in Shadow Dragon, she’s a very natural choice. She’s also really cool.


Depending on how equipment and levelling up work in Warriors, Minerva could also have, or be capable of getting, Iote’s Shield too. This shield is named after Iote, the founder of Macedon, of where Minerva is a princess, so it’s a relevant piece of equipment for her in particular. Iote’s Shiled negates weapon effectiveness – one of the many series staples included in Warriors.


With the unlikely restriction that it’s originally from Mystery of the Emblem aside, I won’t be at all surprised if Iote’s Shield is included in the Shadow Dragon DLC pack, just as Minerva herself should be.


Hector – Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

On top of pleasing many fans, including Hector would be a great move in terms of varied fighting styles. Some clear weak points in the FEW line-up are a lack of heavily-armoured units, only one infantry axe unit, and no Hector. Adding Hector as a General would solve all of these problems, on top of pleasing many fans! As one of the three protagonists in Blazing Blade, he’s a fairly obvious choice if FEW is going to branch out too.


Ephraim & Eirika – Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

As another oddball Lord, Ephraim’s a clear choice when it comes to lance infantry units. Doesn’t it seem a little odd to have Ephraim without Eirika though? But Eirika’s another sword user and would run the risk of being a Marth clone (not that I’d mind all that much if it meant she was in it). Solution? Ephraim and Eirika are a combined unit that you swap in and out or control simultaneously like the Ice Climbers. Nailed it!


Camus – Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

Mounted units that use swords, axes, and even magic are covered, but FEW is sadly lacking in Lance Cavaliers. Given that characters can’t change weapon type either (even upon promotion), it means they’re totally absent. There are a lot of possible characters who would be good inclusions as Lance Cavaliers even when limiting it to the 3 games Warriors primarily draws from. As a recurring character throughout the Archanea games, Camus would be a good choice.


Sothe – Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

Quick units that deal small damage but at lightning speed are always a joy to play as, so some sort of unit that uses hidden weapons would be a welcome member of the Fire Emblem Warriors line-up. Given the absence of locks to be picked in Warriors, a character of this type would be relying on the uniqueness of their fighting style, but extra speed in both movement and attacks could make them a really fun inclusion. Going for a variation of the more standard Thief class over Ninja or Maid/Butler, Sothe would be a good choice.


Though first appearing as an optional recruit in Path of Radiance, Sothe is one of the central characters in Radiant Dawn, where he’s classed up as a Rogue. Not only could he add yet another class to Warriors, he can also provide moodiness and backflips. Saizo, for additional pyrotechnics, or Felicia or Jakob, for the additional healing capabilities of the Maid/Butler class, would also be really interesting choices.


Alm – Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

There’s been a lot of discussion about the number of characters using swords in Warriors already, and Alm would be adding another. However, Celica is in the game, and it seems weird to have her and not him. Besides, all the other Falchion users are already in there, so they might as well go for the whole set.


There would also be potential for combining swords and bows in his move set to keep things varied if he were added to the game as Hero class rather than Fighter. Even if Alm were to use a sword move set shared with another character already in the game, he ought to be there. Co-op Alm and Celica has too much potential to be ignored!


10 Fire Emblem Warriors Character Additions I'd Like to See

Fire Emblem Warriors may have had a string of strange decisions leading up to its release, but the gameplay looks fantastic, and I’m confident it’s going to be supremely fun, even if it’s not perfect. Thinking over characters that could be in the game at a later time or in a follow-up only makes me think more about just how wonderful a Fire Emblem Warriors game can be, and I sincerely hope we’ll be seeing more of its vast potential tapped in the future!


Which Fire Emblem Warriors character additions would you like to see?

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