First Hololive English VSinger IRyS revealed

After a lengthy eight hour countdown, IRyS, the first English VSinger for VTuber talent agency Hololive’s English branch, has been unveiled.

IRyS’ profile mentions that she’s a Nephilim — a half-demon, half-angel hybrid — planning to deliver hope through her lyrics and songs.

Appropriately enough, IRyS is part of a new branch of Hololive English, “Project: HOPE”. This most likely means that further VSinger debuts are possible, potentially within the next few months.

Her debut will take place on July 11, 2021 at 2AM BST/1AM GMT via the IRyS Ch. hololive-EN YouTube channel.

IRyS has a Twitter account too, but it’s been temporarily restricted — probably due to the influx of new followers. Her only tweet is simply the symbol “||:“, a repeat sign used in sheet music. This fits into the the whole theme of the countdown video, where the timer seemingly went back to the beginning after counting down.

Project: HOPE isn’t the only Hololive English reveal that will take place during 2021. Auditions were held earlier in the year for a new generation of English Vtubers — separate from the VSinger auditions. Based on the timing of IRyS’ debut, Hololive English generation 2 should be here very soon.

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