Get A First Look At Studio Ghibli’s Aya and The Witch

The upcoming Aya and the Witch from Studio Ghibli is very different to their usual offerings, in that it’s the first time they’re making a CG anime movie. You’ll be relieved to know that the signature art-style carries through in the character design though.

The film is an adaptation of the book, Earwig and the Witch, and it’s described as the story of a girl who didn’t know her mother was a witch.

Goro Miyazaki also gave a statement on the film to NHK:

“In Japan today, there are many adults, and few children. I think it must be hard for that small number of kids, because they have to deal with so many adults. While I was thinking about that, I met Aya, and I thought, ‘Ah, this is it! This is how to deal with them.’

So please watch Aya and the Witch and see how she deals with adults who are a pain in the neck. I sincerely hope that our Aya, who has a mean streak but is cute, will give courage to children and energize adults.”

We don’t yet have hi-res versions of the images above, but they do give us a glimpse at some more characters in the film. We also got the first look at the logo:

Thanks, NHK!

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