First Look: Magical Battle Festa

One thing I am particularly partial to is pretty anime girls throwing magic at each other. This being the case, I’m going to be all over Magical Battle Festa – for me it’s one of the more promising titles to emerge from Comiket 83. Outrageously colourful, fast and furious action, some light RPG elemets and an utterly ridiculous story? Count me in.


Set a long, long way into the future – mankind has run out of energy, and in a quest to find a new source, discovers a new kind of material with a mystical energy. In researching this new power source, scientists in this fantastical future invent ‘Magic’ and in a bid to get as much magic as they possibly can, make a ‘cauldron’ that will provide all the magic they’d ever need!



There really is only one way this could possibly end – and that’s ‘badly’. So no one’s really that surprised when this magical-spewing Cauldron starts spewing a terrible demon force instead, that threatens to wipe out humanity.


Faced with a terrible calamity, there’s only one option available. No, not seal the cauldron dummy, but fight back with more magic! Problem is though, how can humanity possibly know who should face the demon horde head on? Do they have time for a quick tournament to find out who that person is? Of course they do!



And so kicks off Magical Battle Festa: Prologue. This was the initial installment to come out of C83 – and mightily impressive it is too. This Prologue is basically set just before the events of Magical Battle Festa – and will give you a good example of what to expect from the completely finished game.


There are four characters to choose initially – each with their own strengths and weaknesses – and you take these guys into intense arena battles against enemy hordes. To help you out, you have a range of special attacks and, perhaps more interestingly, a formation of… er… magical nodes – or support units.



Interestingly, you can change the formation of these units around your character – and different shaped formations will have different effects. Star formation for example will increase your defence and heal you if you’re stationary, but your movement speed slows down. While circle will boost your attack power against any enemies within the influence of your units – playing around with the different formations will be the key to success and finding a play-style that suits you.


Customisation doesn’t end there either – your character’s own attributes, like attack speed, movement speed, defence and so forth, can also be leveled up between bouts – as can the support units themselves.



Along with Astebreed, this is was perhaps the most visually arresting of the titles at C83. While it obviously lacks the detail of Astebreed – it more than makes up for it in the sheer chaos and flamboyance of what’s on offer. And after Fairy Bloom, we’re looking forward to playing another arena battler where the emphasis is just as much on the pyrotechnic display as it is on the fighting alone.


As an added bonus – apparently four player co-op and battles are supported, though Fly System warn that this will only be available to those with a decent spec to run it.


There’s a great trailer for Magical Battle Festa, right here!


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