First major Monster Hunter Rise update arrives tomorrow

During today’s digital event, Capcom detailed the contents of Monster Hunter Rise‘s first title update.

Arriving tomorrow, Version 2.0 will add five new monsters, along with a slew of new missions, features, and cosmetic DLC.

There are two new Apex monsters, Apex Diablos and Apex Rathalos, and it’ll be possible to fight them and other Apexes outside of rampage quests once the update is released.

Meanwhile, the elder dragons Kushala Daora and Teostra were revealed alongside the previously announced Chameleos.

You’ll have to increase your (now unlocked) hunter rank to fight these new monsters, but there are also a few other features that will be unlocked as you progress. The most welcome of these is the addition of layered armour for existing armour sets. Now you wont have to rely on DLC to look good in a mixed armour set.

Before the event finished, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise Ver. 3.0 will arrive at the end of May. It’ll bring even more monsters, while also adding a “new ending” — or more specifically, an actual ending instead of what happened in the base game.

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