Flying Red Barrel: Diary of a Little Aviator (PC)

Yes indeed! Flying Red Barrel: Diary of a Little Aviator is available on Rice Digital today. We’re very pleased to be able to bring you the first in a line of Rockin’ Android’s excellent doujin titles this month. A superb little shooter with lovely bright visuals, a fun little story – and plenty of intense action!



Those of you who are new to the doujin scene may not know of the excellent work Rockin’ Android have done over the years, but it’s fair to say they’re kindred spirits in their desire to see some of Japan’s little known indie games get the love and attention they deserve!


Flying Red Barrel Diary of a Little Aviator review


Flying Red Barrel comes from doujin Developer Orange Juice – responsible for the cult classic SUGURI. They’re know for crafting unique little shooters  – and this one is no exception.


Take to the skies in your little plane and blast down wave upon wave enemy planes as you attempt to uphold the law of the Blue Sky Union against the pirates of the resistance.


There’s a lovely, charming little story behind it all – but of course, the meat and bones of this comes down to the action itself, and it’s here that Flying Red Barrel really excels itself.


Flying Red Barrel Diary of a Little Aviator shmup


Keeping it nice and simple in the spirit of the classic shooter Raiden – the mechanics aren’t too complicated. Shoot down enemy planes with your primary fire and collect the coins that shower down the screen when you do so. Collecting coins will fill up your rocket gauge giving you access to more fire-power (and allowing you to hit those high end score bonuses).


The more rockets you have the less your manoeuvrability, so the emphasis is not on hoarding, but blasting and replenishing, recycling your fire power little and often. It pays to be as aggressive as possible.


In a rather nice touch, you can attract coins towards your plane by taking your finger off the fire button – with the obvious downside to weakened defence. Or, if you prefer, just carry on blasting and attempt to pick up those coins manually – which is, of course, just that little bit more dangerous.


Flying Red Barrel Diary of a Little Aviator screenshot


It’s a really nice little risk reward system, which gives the action a little more depth without ballooning into something hugely complex and intimidating.


It’s a smashing shooter that’s great for those who are a little scared of the more full-on shmups, but still hugely satisfying for those of you who consider yourselves veterans of the genre. Flying Red Barrel: Diary of a Little Aviator is available to download today for very pocket friendly£3.99 on the Rice Digital Store RIGHT HERE! 


As always, all our titles are available internationally – the currency will convert automatically for you when you reach the checkout! 🙂



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