Four new doujin titles from Nyu Media to support on Greenlight

Last month Nyu Media unveiled four doujin titles up for support on greenlight. Keen  doujin fans that we are, I thought I’d give them a shout this morning so that you guys can show your support as you’ve so often done in the past. Half of these titles you’ll already be  familiar with – but there are a couple of nice surprises in here too!


So lets go with the biggest surprise of them all first shall we?




Sacred Tears TRUE


This is a very, very nice JRPG from Konno Takashi (Shichinin no Bukia) and scored by Ojima ‘When they Cry’ Hiroyuki.


Sacred Tears combines traditional top-down adventuring with a superb card battle system and a lovely redistributable skill point system for some nice flexibility to your characters. Also, the character art in this game is simply gorgeous.


This is Nyu Media’s first JRPG project – and one that’s well worth supporting! You can do so, right here!





Armed Seven Screenshot



More mech-based side-scrolling shmup action from a doujin circle that certainly knows their stuff in this area . Astro Port’s pedigree includes the likes of Satazius and Gigantic Army – both of which are, quite frankly, excellent.


Armed Seven sees you piloting a mech with a customisable loadout, across seven stages and going up against the inventive, detailed bosses that Astro Port are known for.


Any dedicated Shmup fans can give it a nudge up the Greenlight ladder by giving it a vote here.





Because sometimes a trailer is worth a thousand words! 😉


This delightfully kitsch shooter is yet another from the Astro Port stable and is a must for fans of 70’s giant robot anime. If there’s one things this game can’t be accused of, it’s not being colourful enough!


Get voting here!





Yatagarasu Attack on cataclysm


You should know all about this one – having already been on the receiving end of a very successful Indie Go Go project. It’s an exceptional 2D fighter from a doujin circle comprising of ex-SNK devs and is currently undergoing a revamp that will see new characters added and also much-asked-for GGPO netplay.


You can learn all about how this game is progressing here – as well as up-voting it on Steam Greenlight here.



As ever, do show your support to these excellent doujin titles – as the more success they achieve, the more chance we get of seeing these excellent Japanese indie games coming Westward.

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