FREE Adachi T-Shirt with every Persona 4 Arena Ultimax order

So, as you know, when we originally released the Fan Edition for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – we ran a community vote for you guys to chose between the Junes or Adachi T-Shirts, and the Junes T-Shirt came out on top. Thing is, since then we’ve had so many emails and requests to make the Adachi T-Shirt available that, well, we finally decided we’d make it available to you.


So, for a limited time only – we’re going to make the Adachi Tee available to anyone who buys the standard version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Actually, if you buy the Standard version of the game, you get to chose which Tee and which size you like – from both Junes and Adachi designs!




This news makes me, personally, very happy – mainly because it was my favourite design. Here it is up close!




Please bare in mind that these T-Shirts are in VERY short supply, so if you’d like one we suggest your order it now!


The 360 version is RIGHT HERE and the PS3 version can be found here! Both are £39.99 including the T-Shirt of your choice.


ps. I think this must be the YELLOWEST post I’ve ever posted! ^_^



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