Full Metal Daemon Muramasa rejected from Steam, now available on GOG

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is now available on GOG — along with three more Nitroplus titles — after being rejected from Steam during 2021.

In a statement released by publisher JAST USA, it was revealed that Valve would not allow the game onto Steam, even with a number of cuts. This isn’t something new unfortunately, with many titles being rejected from Steam despite other mature content making it on the storefront intact.

The GOG release of Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is currently only available in its cut form, though an 18+ patch should be available later this month (it can currently be downloaded via JAST USA in the meantime).


With CD Projekt actively reaching out to JAST USA to get Full Metal Daemon Muramasa onto GOG, the storefront continues its acceptance of mature titles. Where GOG used to be the more closed storefront in the past, it now seems like Steam is the place for VN publishers to avoid.

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