Funstock Digital Voucher – Save 25% on Japanese Summer Sale Titles

Our partners over at Funstock Digital are having a great Summer Sale, packed with some really top line Steam keys. We’re pleased to have worked out a cross promotion to get some of you guys an even greater discount on some of the best Japanese games they have to offer — giving you a further 25% discount on their already pretty slashed prices. Simply us this coupon code at checkout to bring the price down:




And it’s available to use on their Japanese games here.


Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition — £3.59


Buy it here!


Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin — £14.62


Buy it here!


STRIDER — £2.69


Buy it here!


Ultra Street Fighter IV — £7.12


Buy it here!

Ultra Street Fighter IV Upgrade — £3.89


Buy it here!


That’s a lot of games — and between them represent some of our favourite Japanese games of recent years. Whether it’s the sprawling immersive worlds of Dark Souls, the super-refined platforming of STRIDER, or Ultra Street Fighter IV, forever one of our most cherished fighting games!


Don’t forget to use the voucher on the games here:


Happy gaming!

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