Gal Gun banned in Australia

Is Gal Gun banned in Australia? In a move that probably won’t surprise anyone, it seems that Gal Gun is being pulled from the shelves at Australian retailers for its raunchy content. Recent tweets have highlighted the fact that Electronics Boutique, Australia’s leading Game store in the territory removed the games just hours after release.


To be honest, you have to wonder what on earth they thought they were buying in the first place. It’s hardly gaming’s biggest secret that Gal*Gun is one of the Top Ten Perviest things in gaming right now. I mean, it wears its pantsu on it its sleeve…




gal gun banned zoom in for epic pantsu


To be fair, anyone who puts ‘Zoom In For Epic Pantsu’ on the back of a box deserves to get banned – but it’s not until you get at what’s INSIDE, that things heat up. For example, there’s an awful lot of this;



and then there’s this;



Oh yeah, and there’s this too.



Not to mention this;



Basically, Gal*Gun is r-u-d-e RUDE. You can touch a girl’s bottom and EVERYTHING.


It’s also remarkably good fun in an utterly silly and strangely warm-hearted kind of way. But then you already know that because you’ve put your preconceptions to one side and given it a thorough play-through to get to the uniquely compelling rail-shooting action and rather lovely story…




At this stage there’s no indication as to whether the recall is a retailer specific initiative, or if Gal Gun banned from powers up on high – we have contacted EB in Australia for clarification.


The irony of all this is that, when it comes to super-hot girls in school uniform, my formative years were very much influenced by Australia’s very own Isla Fisher – AKA Shannon Reed in her Summer Bay uniform. This was before I discovered anime and went FULLY 2D.




How they ever got away with putting her on TV alongside Melissa George in those uniforms, I’ll never know. You can google that one yourself.


*bites table*



I was going to show some tweets about it – but then I forgot because I was too busy thinking of Isla Fisher.

Here, have some tweets;


gal gun banned tweet 1

gal gun banned tweet 3

Gal Gun Banned Tweet 2

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