Gal Gun VR Announced

From the sunny beaches of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, to the chilling court room in Danganronpa, it seems that nowadays absolutely everyone is trying to get a piece of the juicy VR pie. This time it’s Gal Gun’s turn, with the newly announced Gal Gun VR.


Gal Gun VR Announced 1



We were hinted at the possibility of Gal Gun entering the realm of VR, but it was not until today’s Nico Nico Inti Creates live stream that the news became official. And while all we got was just one tiny screenshot, we were promised more juicy details on Gal Gun VR in just a few weeks, at the Inti Creates Fan Festa 20th Anniversary held on November 5th .


Gal Gun VR Announced 2

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