Gal Gun VR Stealth Drops on Steam, is What You’d Expect

Well, I certainly didn’t expect to end my day by seeing that Gal Gun VR has stealth dropped on Steam for £22.99. But it’s been quite the happy ending indeed. This was shown off as a tech demo at LA Anime Expo, and we got hands on with it, but the full thing is out right now on Steam. Talk about hump day.


Gal Gun VR on Steam.


The Steam page notes that the game requires VR, so if you don’t have one you’ll sadly need to keep dreaming. But one day, my friend. Sooner or later you knew it would happen. It’s what we’ve all been preparing for. The logical next step of VR.



We’ve only played a preview build behind closed doors, but can report it’s a lot of fun. In the build we played you aimed by using your head, which adds a whole new dimension to looking at the weak points of the girls out to accost you before blasting them with your pheromone gun.


You move between fixed points in the area, and shoot at the girls peanut gallery style. I actually had just as many jump scares playing just one stage as I did in Resident Evil 7, and I wish I could say I was joking.



There also seems to be a new house mode where you can interact with girls back at your place, a new “demon sweeper” weapon for sucking up demons, and an amazing new mechanic that allows you to stare into a girl’s eyes for a free critical hit. That’s a wonderful example of something you can only do in VR. Full details on the game are available on the Steam page.



Gal Gun VR is out right now on Steam. No news about the game coming to any other formats so far. But it does say regarding photo mode that “every single girl’s panties has its own achievement, so get those cameras ready and see if you can collect them all”, so that’s a thing.


It supports both HTC Vive an Oculus Rift, as well as tracked motion controllers. Apparently it is suitable for both seating and standing play, but makes no mention of whether you can, or should, play it lying down.

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