Gal*Gun Double Peace is coming to Switch! 5 reasons to get all doki-doki

Gal*Gun! We love Gal*Gun. We love Gal*Gun Returns, we love Gal*Gun 2, and we love Gal*Gun Double Peace. Up until now, only the first two of those have been available on the new spiritual home of lewd console games, the Nintendo Switch, but today developer Inti Creates and publisher PQube have announced that very soon the “Horny Trinity” will be complete. Yes, Gal*Gun Double Peace is coming to Switch too — on March 17, 2022, to be exact.

This is exciting news for all manner of reasons. Gal*Gun Double Peace, despite technically being the second game in the series chronologically, was actually the first to be localised after an enthusiastic campaign by Inti Creates’ Matt Papa.

Gal*Gun Double Peace casts you in the role of Houdai, an unfortunate young man who gets hit by a Cupid’s arrow that is considerably more powerful than it was supposed to be. Now, with the help of angel Ekoro, he needs to fend off the unwanted lustful advances of every girl in the school with his Pheromone Shot and find true love before sundown — or be forever alone!

Originally released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and subsequently ported to PC, Gal*Gun Double Peace is a particular fan favourite due to its surprisingly substantial gameplay, satisfying mechanics and cheery narrative. So it should already be clear that it coming to Switch is very much A Good Thing, but if you need further convincing… well, time for a nice list, I say!

There’s a “Horny Trinity” special edition up for preorder

Gal*Gun Double Peace Ultimate Horny Trinity Edition

It wouldn’t be Gal*Gun without an awesome special edition to enjoy now, would it? And our friends at Funstock have done a great job with this one — particularly if you’ve collected all the previous installments in the series on Switch.

The “Horny Trinity Edition” of Gal*Gun Double Peace features a 3-in-1 slipcase with original artwork that can hold all three Switch Gal*Gun games, two plushies of devil Kurona and angel Ekoro, a “DIY Tentacle Kit” to go with your “safety goggles” and “screen cleaner” from previous special editions, plus a 17cm acrylic standee featuring artwork from all the Gal*Gun games.

You have two options for getting your hands on the Horny Trinity Edition: £89.99 will get you Gal*Gun Double Peace plus all the aforementioned goodies, while £119.99 will nab you the “Ultimate Collection” including all three Gal*Gun games for Switch. If you’re yet to begin your Gal*Gun journey, this is a great way to get your hands on the complete saga! Click here to preorder.

It comes with a bunch of former DLC for free

Gal*Gun Double Peace for Switch

Gal*Gun Double Peace’s PS4, Vita and PC releases had a wide selection of DLC available, including some cute, weird and wonderful costumes to dress up the main cast in. The vast majority of this DLC is included with the Switch version of Gal*Gun Double Peace for Switch — with the exceptions likely including the notorious, deliberately extortionate “Pheromone Z” item that allows you to see through everyone’s clothing. This ability can be unlocked through gameplay anyway, so it’s by no means essential.

The real attraction is the wide variety of outfits you can dress everyone up in. Each of the major players in the story can have their own custom outfit, and it’s also possible to choose the standard “uniform” for the other students in the school. With all the DLC available to you right from the start in the Switch version of Gal*Gun Double Peace, you can make sure each playthrough feels a bit different from the last!

There’s a new opening movie

Besides the included additional content, fans of the original Gal*Gun Double Peace release may also be interested to see that there’s an all-new opening movie for the Nintendo Switch version. At the time of writing, we’re yet to see this in its entirety (that’s just the announcement trailer you can see above), but look forward to all your favourite characters appearing in a variety of entertaining and lewd situations, as per usual!

Why the new opening movie? Well, we haven’t heard an official line on it, but I’d wager it’s likely related to licensing and/or copyright issues; the original Gal*Gun Double Peace’s opening movie was blocked from broadcast and screenshots using the PS4’s built-in sharing functionality. Perhaps the Switch version’s new opening movie will be more stream- and YouTube-friendly — no-one likes getting hit with a Content ID, after all!

It’s a favourite entry in the series with good reason

Gal*Gun Double Peace

All of the Gal*Gun games are well worth playing — and admirably distinct from one another, which is impressive considering they’re part of a genre that, at one point, was not especially known for its innovation. But Gal*Gun Double Peace stands out for its particularly solid gameplay, for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps most notable is the expansion on Gal*Gun Returns’ stat-building method of determining your success in narrative routes and available dialogue options. Beat all the main narrative routes in Gal*Gun Double Peace and you unlock “True Love” mode, which is a more freeform way to play in which you can pursue any of the secondary cast members as your one true love!

Pay attention, though, ’cause each and every one of those girls is unique — like, genuinely unique, that’s always been a huge strength of Gal*Gun’s overall design — and as such you’ll need to tweak your stats accordingly in order to appeal to the young lady of your dreams. Are you up to the challenge?

Shinobu in the window

Gal*Gun Double Peace

I mean, I’m sure I don’t need to say anything else about this, now, do I?

Gal*Gun Double Peace for Nintendo Switch will be available from March 17, 2022. Preorder now from our friends at Funstock to get your hands on the Horny Trinity Edition!

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