Gal*Gun Double Peace guide: how to fill out the student profiles

Gal*Gun Double Peace is here, now for Nintendo Switch! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the game so far, and our guide to getting the heroines’ True endings has been helpful. Now, we present you with the second part of our Gal*Gun Double Peace guide, in which we help you fill out all the student profiles in the game.

This is the biggest task there is in Gal*Gun Double Peace, so once you’ve done this you can say you’ve pretty much cleared the game 100% — though you may still find some minor variations on the event images if you choose different dialogue options throughout. But for today, our Gal*Gun Double Peace guide is going to focus on filling out all those profiles. In order to fill out a girl’s profile completely and get a gold medal for her, you need to do a number of things. These don’t have to be completed in order.

  • Get a girl’s student notebook.
  • Measure her “three sizes” by using the Zoom mode and pointing at her bust, waist and hips until the “Analyzing…” text becomes a number. The Measuring Tape you can buy from Aoi makes this quicker and easier.
  • Use Doki-Doki Mode on her in all three outfits: uniform, gym clothes and swimsuit.
  • Get her ending in the “Unseen Destiny” route.

For Shinobu, Maya, Kurona and Ekoro, you simply need to get their True endings, since they don’t appear in action stages. Patako shows up quite a bit, usually hiding in lockers, so make sure to grab her three sizes when you get the opportunity!

Gal*Gun Double Peace guide

Gal*Gun Double Peace guide: getting the girl in the True Love route

The “Unseen Destiny” or “True Love” route works a little differently from the story-based routes we covered in the previous part of the Gal*Gun Double Peace guide. In order to end up with a girl, you need to do two things:

  • Press the triangle button (PS4/Vita) or X (Switch) on the Episode Menu to view the girls’ preferred stats. Using either Doki-Doki Mode or the items available from Aoi, manipulate your stats until you’re in the pink area for at least three out of her four preferences.
  • Raise her affection to five hearts. You can do this by either hitting her with an Ecstasy Shot during normal gameplay (which provides a small increase to affection) or using Doki-Doki Mode on her. When you’ve maxed affection for a girl, the game will prompt you to skip to the final fight. You can either do this or attempt to max out other girls so you have a choice at the end.
Gal*Gun Double Peace guide

Gal*Gun Double Peace guide: getting with the ghost girl

Yuko Yureino, the school’s resident ghost, is also an option for you to fall in love with in the Unseen Destiny route. In order to win her heart, you need to track down all her appearances over the course of the complete game as a whole. Save before every stage where she appears, and retry if you miss her. Keep our Gal*Gun Double Peace guide by your side before jumping into a stage and you’ll be ready for her!

Yuko only appears in Zoom mode, but you’ll know your sights are over her if you see a swirling blue light. Zoom in and give her an Ecstasy Shot as quickly as you can — time is usually tight to do so!

  • Episode 1-2: in the left window of the overhead passage.
  • Episode 3-1, 1st Year Classroom: crouched to the right of a set of double doors that you see after leaving the classroom.
  • Episode 3-2, Behind Gym: on the left side of an alleyway between two buildings.
  • Episode 4-1, 2nd Year Classroom: Inside the classroom locker.
  • Episode 4-2, Forbidden Space: In the blue room you see after emerging from the vent, directly in front of you.
  • Episode 5-1, Track: Behind the blue cars, in the doorway of the school building.
  • Episode 5-2, Cave: When you get the second choice of direction, go right. She’s in the rear left corner of the room where girls emerge from holes in the floor.
  • Episode 6-1, Pool: In the corner of the main swimming pool room, when you look to the right of the diving boards, you’ll see some boxes — she’s hanging out here.
  • Episode 6-2, Gym: Go left when given the option. She’s sitting on the spectator benches upstairs.
  • Episode Final-2, Roof: Behind a locker, sitting on some stairs where three teachers attack you.
Gal*Gun Double Peace guide

Gal*Gun Double Peace guide: where are the student IDs?

The student and teacher IDs show up in set locations rather than at specific moments in the story. When given a choice of stage to challenge, pick the ones where you still need to grab IDs!

Don’t forget to use Zoom mode to see through objects such as locker doors, and if you find the viewpoint whizzes past a student ID too quickly, trigger Doki-Doki Mode without picking a girl to freeze the action for a moment, line up your sights and be ready to shoot the ID as soon as Doki-Doki Mode expires.

Our Gal*Gun Double Peace guide lists the students in the order they appear in the Student Roster screen in the game’s Extras menu.

First Years

  • Maya Kamizono: Automatically acquired as you complete her route.
  • Sayaka Nitta: 2F Stairway
  • Mina Kokorozaki: 1st Year Classroom
  • Maoko Nira: Library
  • Megumi Tendou: Courtyard
  • Kazusa Kuchiki: Shoe lockers
  • Aki Nikaidou: Entrance
  • Koko Satsuki: Behind Gym
  • Tsukasa Nishiguchi: 1st Year Classroom
  • Rion Harusame: Pool 2
  • Rina Teramoto: Sakura Road, pick the right route when given the option
  • Otome Kurosawa: Library
  • Mai Aoshima: Stairway
  • Sayoko Koshika: Gym
  • Kusumi Shinoname: Roof (PM), pick the right route when given the option
  • Shiho Hoshisora: Stairway
  • Maki Sudo: Cave 2
  • Anita Bellman: Courtyard 2
  • Mihono Matsubara: Cave, pick the right route the second time you get a choice
  • Kazumi Nanbara: New Building
  • Yukina Jinho: Gym Entrance
  • Kanko Shishido: Cave 2
  • Patako Amatsuka: Dressing Room
Gal*Gun Double Peace guide

Second Years

  • Shinobu Kamizono: Acquired automatically as you complete her route.
  • Tsubomi Haruno: Dressing Room
  • Kasumi Sakaguchi: Courtyard 2
  • Kumi Kobayashi: Cafeteria
  • Neneko Kosuhi: Forbidden Room, pick the left route when given the option
  • Saki Takeda: Track
  • Fumi Tsukada: Forbidden Room, pick the right route when given the option
  • Riko Kuroda: 2nd Year Classroom
  • Maria Natsuki: Gym 2, pick the left route when given the option
  • Tsuzumi Murasame: 2F Hallway
  • Tsugumi Tachibana: Sakura Road, pick the forward route when given the option
  • Midori Hanba: Stairway, pick the left route when given the option
  • Junko Hitotsubashi: 2nd Year Classroom
  • Mikoto Kumano: Entrance
  • Hayari Kuse: 2F Hallway
  • Ruriko Mikasa: Stairway, pick the right route when given the option
  • Ran Himeno: Hallway (PM)
  • Uraraka Nishihina: Sakura Road (PM), pick the right route when given the option
  • Nanami Ise: Entrance 2
  • Karen Sazanami: Pool, pick the left route when given the option
  • Kaho Akagi: Tennis Court
  • Rikiko Tanaka: Front Entrance
  • Aoi Uno: Repeatedly donate to Aoi’s band LOVEHEARTS in the shop to unlock her ending and get her profile.
Gal*Gun Double Peace guide

Third Years

  • Mei Suzano: 3rd Year Classroom
  • Kazami Saijou: Sakura Road (PM), pick the left route when given the option
  • Madoka Tsukimiya: Dressing Room 2
  • Susume Asano: Cave, pick the left route the second time you have a choice
  • Yuki Shirogami: Gym
  • Maki Kuroda: New Building
  • Saori Fujiwara: Front Entrance
  • Mirai Wakaba: 3rd Year Classroom
  • Miho Kusunoki: Infirmary
  • Sango Namiki: Tennis Court
  • Sayou Suguri: 3F Hallway
  • Yuyou Suguri: 3F Hallway
  • Ringo Kotobuki: Cafeteria
  • Yurina Gozo: Track
  • Mafuyu Yanagida: Pool 2
  • Yuka Saitou: Pool, pick the right route when given the option
  • Konomi Kujirai: Gym 2, pick the right route when given the option
  • Yuri Tsurugi: Gym Entrance
  • Akiko Masami: Hallway (PM)
  • Ren Yoshikawa: Courtyard
  • Shizuka Ninomiya: Shoe Lockers
Gal*Gun Double Peace guide


  • Saori Fujino: Park (PM), pick the left route when given the option
  • Michiyo Azuma: Park (PM), pick the right route when given the option
  • Reina Kuribayashi: Roof (PM), pick the left route when given the option
  • Asuka Hattori: Entrance
  • Kirara Kurashiki: Behind Gym

That should be plenty to keep you busy! Hopefully our Gal*Gun Double Peace guides have helped you find true love — or get you on the right path, at least!

Yet to jump in to Gal*Gun for yourself? You can pick up a Gal*Gun Double Peace Horny Trinity Edition from our friends at Funstock — and if you’re new to the series, the Ultimate Horny Trinity Edition comes with all three Gal*Gun games for Nintendo Switch: Gal*Gun Returns, Gal*Gun Double Peace and Gal*Gun 2.

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