Gal*Gun Double Peace guide and walkthrough

Struggling to find true love? Fear not, brave warrior of romance, for we have the Gal*Gun Double Peace guide you need to ensure success in your romantic endeavours!

This game originally came out in 2016, but we’re republishing this Gal*Gun Double Peace guide for your convenience if you enjoyed the recent Gal*Gun Returns and want to explore the rest of the series!

The main thing you need to know is that in order to get the true ending for a route, you have to attain an S-rank (600,000 MP) and get the affection gauge to 100%. These choices will help make that happen, though in a number of cases several options will work.

Shinobu true end

Gal*Gun Double Peace guide

Got a thing for older sisters? Let the official Rice Digital Gal*Gun Double Peace guide help you out… just watch out, since Shinobu has a bit of a dark side you might not be expecting!

Teach her body directly
Try to be more captivating
I’d swipe the panties if they were yours
I love you
You’re beautiful like a Goddess
Go right in!
I’ll not pass off Shinobu to you!
I was worried about you
Show me your smile
I can’t do that!
Maya-chan isn’t weak!

Maya true end

Gal*Gun Double Peace guide

If you have a thing for being called “Ho-nii”, Maya’s your gal. Follow our Gal*Gun Double Peace guide to get together with the younger of the demon-bustin’ sisters — just be prepared for unexpected lewdness along the way!

I was just looking at you
I’m good at using the ol’noodle
Your cute face is a mess…
*hug her tightly*
Show me where you’re injured
Talk about what goes with rice
*stroke her*
I’ll do whatever I can!
*keep quiet*
Here, let’s rehydrate!
Thanks for telling me
Maya-chan is the stupid one!

Sisters true end

Gal*Gun Double Peace guide

Indecisive? Fear not, because our Gal*Gun Double Peace guide got you covered here too. If you want to get together with both sisters, simply follow the dialogue options below… and clear the game, obviously.

You two look great in your uniforms
The seal has been broken
You don’t have to do it if it’s bad
You got some nice air on that jump
You must be good at sports
How does this work?
That swimsuit looks good on you
You must be really motivated now
I’ll back you guys up!
Let them go!
Did you see how brave I was?
I want the three of us to be happy

Angel and Devil route

Gal*Gun Double Peace guide

The main girls not doing it for you? Rather get together with someone beyond the normal laws of physics? Then follow our Gal*Gun Double Peace guide for some divine (or hellish) good times!

You activated my trap card!
Shout real loud! Scream “dumbass!”
Gotta stop them, even by force
You’re not a doll

The next option determines whether you proceed down Ekoro or Kurona’s route. Choose to help Kurona for Ekoro’s route, ask to be stabbed with the spear for Kurona’s route.

Ekoro true end

I’m a man! I can’t help it!
I wanna get more physical…
*shout in the 2nd controller’s mic*
Should I get you some medicine?
Will she really return to normal?

Kurona true end

We gotta go help!
It’s a battle of wits!
Let’s carry them to the infirmary!
Well done, Kurona-chan!
What’s wrong with a make-up lesson?

Patako true end

Clear all other true ends except True Love to get both halves of the Angel Ring, then follow Kurona’s true end one more time. An extra option will appear before the finale.

Help me, Ekoro!
I need to find a girlfriend, today

Aoi true end

Gal*Gun Double Peace guide

Simply repeatedly donate to Aoi in the shop rather than buying anything and you’ll unlock this eventually.

Unlock “TFG (That Friggin’ Guy)”

Clear any route with “God-like” rank (1 million MP). This seems easiest to achieve in Kurona’s route as it has two normal stages in the final episode rather than just one.

Unlock True Love mode

Clear all the main story routes at least once.

Sadly the Gal*Gun Double Peace Mr Happiness editions are long gone, but you can still pick up a Birthday Suit Edition of Gal*Gun Returns over at our store!

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