Remembering Gal*Gun Double Peace’s 6 sexiest bits

With Gal*Gun Returns just around the corner — and, lest you forget, with a gorgeous Birthday Suit Edition still available for preorder — it’s a great time to look back on the previous installments.

Gal*Gun Double Peace, second in the series but first to come west after Inti Creates’ Matt Papa successfully championed the game to his colleagues in Japan, is full of particularly memorable moments. So let’s take a look at some of the best!

Shinobu In The Window

Gal*Gun Shinobu In the Window

Probably Gal*Gun Double Peace’s most iconic sequence, Shinobu In The Window was such a popular scene that Gal*Gun 2 paid direct homage to it — much to the bewilderment of new angel Risu.

Shinobu In The Window is one of several “event” scenes found throughout Gal*Gun Double Peace. These all unfold primarily as a test of your shooting accuracy — you’ll need to find hidden targets on the character’s body and then hit them precisely, ideally without hitting the character themselves. Occasionally you can make faster progress through these scenes with touchscreen headpats and rub-dee-rubs, but mostly they’re about quickly tracking down your targets and then picking them off one by one.

Gal*Gun Shinobu In the Window

Shinobu In The Window is probably the most straightforward of all these event scenes, since the targets move in predictable patterns and even overlap quite regularly. It also has the dubious honour of featuring the most suggestive gestural controls between each of the main “stages” of the event, requiring you to “push” and “tug” Shinobu in an attempt to get her out of her terrible predicament.

Her Majesty Shinobu

Gal*Gun Her Majesty Shinobu

Her Majesty Shinobu is another event scene that, mechanically speaking, unfolds very similarly to Shinobu In The Window, albeit with slightly more challenging target patterns. The difference this time around is that the whole sequence is deliberately rather than coincidentally erotic.

Possessed by the dark influence of Kurona the devil, Shinobu decides to indulge in a bit of sadistic play, with protagonist Houdai on the receiving end. Naturally, in a situation like this, the only reasonable reaction is to just go along with it and try to survive as best you can.

Gal*Gun Her Majesty Shinobu

What you need to remember is that while Gal*Gun Double Peace’s narrative and mechanics are both strong and enjoyable, the game is still built on a firm foundation of lewd, and we should never forget that. If this scene didn’t awaken something you didn’t know existed in at least some of you out there, you are a stronger man than I.

Demon-Attracting Balm

Gal*Gun Demon Attracting Balm

Gal*Gun’s event scenes can be interpreted as somewhat metaphorical depictions of sexual encounters, and nowhere is that more apparent than in this scene which features both Shinobu and her sister Maya in their swimsuits, repeatedly mentioning how nice it feels that Houdai is spreading sloppy, sticky demon-attracting balm all over them.

Once again, this event unfolds as a test of accuracy, but this time there are two characters on which to track down the targets — and the poses both of them adopt become increasingly provocative as the event progresses.

Gal*Gun Demon-Attracting Balm

If you don’t believe me on the “sex metaphor” thing, just listen to the spoken Japanese dialogue as the scene unfolds. It may not be subtitled, but if you’ve spent any time watching “certain types of videos” then you’ll likely find yourself recognising quite a few words and phrases.

That bit where you steal all the pantsu

Gal*Gun pantsu stealing

There’s a sequence in Gal*Gun Returns where, begrudgingly having to go along with the devious plans of little devil Kurona, you’re forced to sneak into the girls’ changing rooms and steal all their pantsu.

Mechanically speaking, this is a challenge of observation and quick thinking, since many of the aforementioned pairs of underoos are hidden in lockers — plus the clandestine nature of the operation means that Houdai often needs to quickly change position in order to remain hidden.

Gal*Gun pantsu stealing

This whole scene is a great example of Gal*Gun’s use of “comedy through camera angles”. Although we never see Houdai himself over the course of the game, we can imagine what ridiculous contortions he must be putting himself through in order to obtain some of the perspectives we enjoy in levels like this.

Mr Demon Veggie

Gal*Gun Mr Demon Veggie

Gal*Gun Double Peace’s boss battles are probably where Inti Creates’ game design chops are most obvious. Heavily pattern-based and often featuring puzzle-like elements as you figure out exactly what you have to do, they offer a fun challenge — particularly if you take them on in the Score Attack mode and try to beat them as quickly, accurately and safely as possible.

Mr Demon Veggie combines an enjoyable, mechanics-centric boss battle with a bit of trademark lewd in there for good measure. There are also some nice running jokes in this scene; most notably, the fact that Mr Demon Veggie appears to have swallowed the long-suffering statue of Gal*Gun Returns heroine Kaoruko — an item that turns up in all sorts of weird and wonderful places as the series progresses — as well as a body pillow featuring her likeness. Poor old Kaoruko; she never gets the respect she deserves.

Gal*Gun Mr Demon Veggie

To succeed in the battle against Mr Demon Veggie, you’ll need to show your skills in several key areas: fending off Mr Demon Veggie’s attacks, blasting away as quickly as possible at the squishy internal organ that is holding Shinobu hostage, and fending off the tongue-like appendages that want nothing more than to give our heroine a good licking.

Patako battle

Gal*Gun Patako

If you’ve reached this point, you’ve done well — the battle with Patako comes at the conclusion of the Angel and Devil route through the game, and then only if you’ve made the right choices along the way. It was originally intended as a bit of series fanservice for those who enjoyed the first game, since Patako was the main angel in the original Gal*Gun, but it also makes for a fun “true finale” in its own right.

Like the Mr Demon Veggie battle, your fight against Patako requires pattern recognition, quick reactions and an ability to prioritise your targets effectively. It’s one of the more challenging battles in the game — mostly from an endurance perspective, since our angel friend doesn’t want to go down without a fight — but if you can pull it off, you can well and truly call yourself a master of Gal*Gun Double Peace.

Gal*Gun Patako

Well, at least until you get into the True Love route, that is — but that’s a whole other matter!

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