Check out Gal*Gun Double Peace’s new opening movie

A little while back, we got the very welcome news that Inti Creates’ classic Gal*Gun Double Peace is coming to Switch, meaning the entire series will finally be available on a single platform!

Part of that announcement included the news that the Switch version would include a brand new opening movie specific to that version. The exact reason behind this wasn’t given, but since the original PS4 release of Gal*Gun Double Peace blocked the intro movie from being streamed or recorded using the game’s built-in features, it was likely something to do with licensing.

Today publisher PQube and developer Inti Creates have revealed the new opening movie, and it’s an absolute delight. Let’s take a look!

The new opening movie features a brand new song from the Kamizono sisters Shinobu and Maya, who are some of the leading ladies from Gal*Gun Double Peace. It also features a variety of scenes from the game’s various story routes — including the famous “Shinobu in the Window” scene — as well as credits for all the leading voice actors.

The new theme song is called “Love! Shoooot!” and is performed by Emi Uema (Shinobu’s voice actress) and Chinami Hashimoto (Maya’s voice actress).

The lyrics are by Hakufactory, who has worked on lyrics for a variety of other Inti Creates games including the Gunvolt series, and the music is by Ippo Yamada, a founding member of Inti Creates and a veteran composer. Like the other founding members of the company, Yamada used to work for Capcom, with his previous work including sound design on Super Street Fighter II, Mega Man X2, Demon’s Crest, Mega Man 7 and Resident Evil.

The music’s arrangement, meanwhile, was handled by Hiroyuki Sato, whose first published works include Inti Create’s 2019 titles Dragon Marked for Death and Blaster Master Zero 2. He is also one of the composers responsible for Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2’s excellent retro-style soundtrack.

Gal*Gun Double Peace Horny Trinity Edition

Gal*Gun Double Peace is out for Switch on March 17, 2022. If you want a physical version, you can preorder one of the two Horny Trinity editions from our friends at Funstock; the Ultimate Horny Trinity Edition includes all three games in the Gal*Gun series for Switch plus a pile of awesome extras, while the Double Peace Horny Trinity Edition contains the same bonus extras, but only the Double Peace game for Switch.

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