Gal*Gun Returns digital preorders are live; let’s celebrate with GIFs

Most of you reading this are, I’m sure, eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of Inti Creates’ Gal*Gun Returns, marking the first time the original game in this delightful series has officially come West. While you could preorder our exclusive and rather fabulous Birthday Suit edition from our online store, we live in a digital age where some of you may want to receive your lewd directly over the airwaves rather than in a box containing a pair of safety goggles.

In celebration of the series’ 10th anniversary, there’ll be a 10% discount off the game’s normal price at launch on digital platforms. You can take advantage of that discount right now if you preorder the Nintendo Switch version through the eShop on your console or via the Web here. On Steam the discount will be available at launch on February 12th.

To tide you over until the release of Gal*Gun Returns, here’s some brand new GIFs from the game showing you a few things you can expect to be getting up to come February 12th!

Gal*Gun Returns Akira battle

I think Akira’s probably already saying everything that needs to be said here. You’d better be ready to fend off those attacks in this boss battle!

Gal*Gun Returns Kaoruko painting

Here’s Kaoruko getting a bit of art done, while our hero does his best to stop her from getting quite so distracted.

Gal*Gun Returns Kaname exorcism

Here’s Kaname getting some exorcism done. It probably won’t hurt. Probably. She said so, so it must be true.

As series veterans will know, getting yelled at in visible Japanese by cute girls is a key part of the Gal*Gun experience, as Madoka kindly demonstrates for us here. That “Kyun!” over her chest is an indication that we can fend her off with a well-timed shot to the baps.

Correctly following those “Ecstasy Shot” markers and shooting your lusty assailants in the right place will result in happy, cheerful scenes like this. And who doesn’t want to enjoy a scene like this?

Meanwhile, I guess Patako’s feeling a bit left out. Why not bring her smile back with a preorder?

Gal*Gun Returns is coming to Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam on February 12th, 2021. (No Xbox One, though.) Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Preorder the digital version on Nintendo Switch today — or preorder our special “Birthday Suit” edition if you want something cool to put on your shelf.

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