How to get Akira’s true ending in Gal*Gun Returns

If you’ve been playing Gal*Gun Returns of late, doubtless you’ve discovered that, as the Bard once said, the course of true love never did run smooth. But don’t despair, because help is at hand!

Today we’re taking a look at Akira, the tomboy heroine with a bit of a penchant for bonking our hero Tenzou over the head with a big wooden sword. Also spats. Who doesn’t love spats?

Who is Akira?

Akira from Gal*Gun Returns

Akira and Tenzou have known each other for some time prior to the events of Gal*Gun Returns. They attended middle school together and were somewhat close, but seem to have drifted apart a little since that time.

Akira calls herself the “Saviour of Schoolgirls” and is dead set on preventing any sort of bullying towards her peers — particularly if said bullying is the slightest bit perverted. Tenzou will need to tread carefully around her — particularly as it seems Akira has witnessed him at work with the Pheromone Shot and is thoroughly bewildered at the situation.

What does Akira want?

Akira's route from Gal*Gun Returns stats

As the route selection screen explains, Akira “doesn’t care too much about people’s grades, but she can’t stand those who are sedentary or vulgar”.

Stats-wise, this translates to 90 or higher in Athleticism and 10 or less in Lewdness. The other stats don’t matter too much, but if you want to be thorough, hovering both Intelligence and Style around the 50-60 mark will do the job nicely.

You can actually start the game with pretty much the perfect stats for Akira’s True ending, no Doki-Doki required. Simply answer as positively as possible to the Athleticism-related questions, as negatively as possible to the Lewdness-related questions, and fairly neutrally to the other two.

You’ll know your stats are correct if they pulse white in the interstitial screen between Stages.

What should I say?

Akira in Gal*Gun Returns

The correct options in Akira’s route are generally pretty obvious, with a couple of exceptions. Steer clear of anything vaguely lewd and express an interest in all things athleticism-related. Go along with her crazy plans, be honest, and don’t make her feel bad about herself. This sequence of dialogue choices works perfectly with the stats outlined above:

  • The wind is strong today
  • Can’t help but stare, huh?
  • My bad, talking to myself
  • YEAH!
  • I’m kinda pumped up now
  • Guess that’s that, huh
  • I’d never!
  • I want to train here
  • Okay, fight me!
  • You’re pretty good!
  • I swear that I won’t
  • I mean it
  • I’m glad you understand
  • Remember Sports Day?
  • I’ve got no choice…
  • *nods*
  • Final Round! Fight!
  • I want you

Help! She attacked me!

Akira boss fight from Gal*Gun Returns

Akira’s fight requires some swift reactions and an itchy trigger finger. Rapid-fire around her chest area to disperse her air slashes; as the fight progresses, she’ll summon more at once, up to a maximum of four, so be ready for them.

When her Guardians disappear for a moment, she’s vulnerable, and will leap around in an attempt to dodge your shots. Rapid-fire her as much as possible until you break her stance and knock her over — if she leaps in the air you’ve got a brief moment of slow-mo to finish the job.

When she falls down, you have a few seconds to hit the on-screen weak points to deal significant damage. They appear on her chest, shoulder, skirt and hip. Aim quickly and hit each one once, precisely. Repeat until she goes down. On Newbie Lover, you can do a small amount of “chip damage” by simply rapid-firing at her when her Guardians are protecting her, but you’ll need to finish her off with a knockdown.

I still only got the Good ending!

Akira Memories minigame in Gal*Gun Returns

To get the True ending for any girl in Gal*Gun Returns, you need to see that heroine’s Memories sequence as well as fulfilling all the requirements above.

In Akira’s case, this requires you to get “Excellent Job” or “Perfect” in her spatsless, windy rooftop duel in Stage 3. Rather than rapid-firing your way through this, patience is key. Pick off the branches, paper and buckets flying out of the background towards you, and only hit Akira’s red weak spot when you hear a gust of wind and she’s thrown off balance. If you hit her at any other time, she’ll counter you and you’ll need to counter-counter attack by hitting a yellow weak spot.

Knock her off balance with the red weak spot and then you’ll need to hammer the fire button on her as quickly as possible while the camera pans around. Hit her around the thighs for the biggest increase in the gauge. It should take four times around this cycle to clear it with a good grade. Try and avoid taking any damage if possible.


Athleticism at 90+
Lewdness at 10 or less
Intelligence and Style around 50-60

Follow the walkthrough above

Complete the Stage 3 minigame with Excellent Job or better

Kaoruko’s guide can be found here. Kaname’s guide is here. Aoi’s guide is here. Don’t forget to check out our 10 top tips too — and if you’re yet to jump on board the Gal*Gun train, we still have Birthday Suit collector’s editions available right here!

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