How to get Aoi’s true ending in Gal*Gun Returns

Are you ready to rock?! If so, you might also be ready for a relationship with Aoi Uno, Gal*Gun Returns’ resident musically minded shorty.

Today we’ll take you through exactly how to ensure Tenzou ends up with Aoi — including how to make good use of that Pheromone Shot to spur a bit of creativity!

Who is Aoi?

Aoi from Gal*Gun Returns

Aoi is a first-year, making the second-year Tenzou her senpai. She’s the lead guitarist and singer in the band Love Hearts, and the main creative force behind the band’s work.

Her family grew up without a lot of money, so the guitar she uses is one of her most precious possessions — particularly given the memories that are attached to it.

What does Aoi want?

Aoi stats from Gal*Gun Returns

Aoi struggles with academics, prefers guys who are “masculine and cool” and doesn’t mind a bit of lewdness.

In stat terms, this means you should get Athleticism and Style as high as possible while both Intelligence and Lewdness should be around the 50 mark.

It’s possible to start the game with the perfect stats for Aoi’s True ending. Answer as positively as possible for the Athleticism and Style-related questions — go so far as to say you change your underpants three times a day — and answer fairly neutrally for Intelligence and Lewdness. You study for an hour or two each night, and of course you have a few dirty magazines under your bed. Not too many, though, of course.

You’ll know your stats are correct if they pulse white in the interstitial screen between Stages.

What should I say?

Aoi from Gal*Gun Returns

Aoi is someone who respects honesty more than anything else, and also appreciates support in the things that are important to her. You don’t need to beat around the bush with her, and you don’t need to try too hard. Just put yourself in Tenzou’s position, answer honestly and offer your support as a good friend — you can even get away with a few lewd answers here and there, but there are usually safer options. This sequence of dialogue choices works perfectly with the stats outlined above:

  • You thought I forgot?
  • Am I cool, or what?
  • Need a man’s helping hand?
  • Ha ha ha
  • What do you need exactly?
  • Rock and stuff
  • Your honest feelings
  • This is legit
  • Calm down
  • Fashion show
  • You’ll be fine
  • I’ll be fine
  • You’re amazing
  • I didn’t do THAT much
  • I’m rooting for you
  • Give it your best shot
  • You’re so cool!
  • You see, I…

That concert is dangerous!

Aoi from Gal*Gun Returns

The finale of Aoi’s route is a little different to the others in that you’re not really “battling” her as such, but you do still need to survive her overenthusiastic performance!

While she’s strumming her guitar on stage, you’ll need to blast the onomatopoeic letters out of the air. Rapid-firing around her chest will usually catch most of them. The thing you need to watch out for is when she runs to the centre of the stage and her Guardians disappear: this means she’s going to make a flying leap at you.

As soon as the Guardians disappear and before she jumps, shoot her as quickly as possible, repeatedly. If you’re quick enough, you’ll knock her out of the air and onto her butt, at which point you have a few seconds to hit her four weak points on the neck of her guitar, her arm and two on the body of her guitar.

If you get hit by her leap — which you probably will the first couple of times you try this fight — watch out for the on-screen arrows and push the stick in the direction they indicate to avoid a face-melting guitar chord at point-blank range.

I still only got the Good ending!

Aoi from Gal*Gun Returns

In order to see the True ending for any route in Gal*Gun Returns, you have to trigger the heroine’s “Memories” event as well as fulfilling the requirements above.

In Aoi’s case, this requires you to get “Excellent Job” or “Perfect” on her guerrilla gig event in Stage 3. In order to do this, you’ll need to max out her Affection meter by the time the song finishes by shooting the “Boo” arrows to turn them into “Yeah” markers instead. You can afford to make a couple of mistakes along the way; a single Boo does a fair amount of damage but there’s usually time to repair that damage with a cluster of Yeahs before you’re out of time.

Aoi from Gal*Gun Returns

Unlike the other heroines’ key events, you can actually do something specific to make this challenge a little easier for yourself, since the quantity of Boo arrows is determined by how well you did at the lyric-writing event in Stage 2. The better you did there, the fewer Boo arrows you’ll be faced with in Stage 3.

The correct lyrics to fill in the blanks in Aoi’s song are:

  • sparks fly
  • heart’s poundin’
  • rock, naked
  • lock, heart
  • with you
  • power, love, shout
  • I love you
  • double down, naked heart
  • I love you
Aoi from Gal*Gun Returns


Intelligence around 40-50
Athleticism at 90+
Style at 90+
Lewdness around 50

Follow the walkthrough above

Complete the Stage 2 lyric-writing event with all the correct answers to make Stage 3 easier. Complete the Stage 3 guerrilla gig event with Excellent Job or better.

Kaoruko’s guide can be found here. Akira’s guide can be found here. Kaname’s guide can be found here. Don’t forget to check out our 10 top tips, too — and if you haven’t yet experienced that Doki-Doki fever, we still have Birthday Suit collector’s editions available right here!

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