How to get Kaname’s true ending in Gal*Gun Returns

Ending up in the arms of your childhood friend should be a simple matter, even in the world of Gal*Gun Returns, right? Well… no. But fear not, because we’re here once again to help you find your one true love before the sun goes down!

Today we’re looking at Kaname, arguably the game’s main cover star. She’s a lovely young girl who our boy Tenzou has had in his life for quite some time — but how to take things that step further?

Who is Kaname?

Kaname from Gal*Gun Returns

Kaname and Tenzou have been friends since childhood. Kaname is a local shrine maiden, and her strong spiritual connection means that she can “see” things others cannot. Tenzou has always been aware of this, and has supported her over the years.

Despite their closeness, though, their relationship has never moved beyond simple friendship and nostalgia for childhood. It’s time for all that to change — particularly because Kaname is getting a bit suspicious of that angel-shaped figure that seems to be following Tenzou around today…

What does Kaname want?

Kaname stats in Gal*Gun Returns

Kaname is, to quote the route selection screen, “an airheaded shrine maiden who likes people that are both gentle and serious”, and someone who is “absolutely not a fan of show-offs and perverts”.

Stats-wise, this translates to Intelligence and Athleticism as high as possible and 10 or less in Lewdness. This should be enough to bag you the True ending, but if you want to be thorough, hovering Style around the 50 mark should do the trick.

As with Akira’s route, it’s possible to start the game with the ideal stats for Kaname’s True ending. Answer as positively as possible for Intelligence and Athleticism-related questions, as negatively as possible to the Lewdness check, and neutrally to the Style question.

You’ll know your stats are correct if they pulse white in the interstitial screen between Stages.

What should I say?

Kaname from Gal*Gun Returns

Kaname is a bit of an airhead so you can get away with telling a few porkies in the early stages of the game. As you progress, though, honesty and avoiding lewdness at all cost should be your priority. This sequence of dialogue choices works perfectly with the stats outlined above:

  • My guardian angel
  • So, what do you think?
  • Gym kicked my ass today
  • Runner’s high
  • Whoa, hold on a sec
  • Anything easy to read
  • You can count on me!
  • You’ve got it all wrong
  • What the hell?!
  • I’ll beat this thing!
  • You’re a big help
  • Have you calmed down?
  • I remember most things
  • How we’d play around all day
  • Understood
  • You got it all wrong
  • I can’t let this happen!
  • It’s me

Help! She attacked me!

Kaname from Gal*Gun Returns

Kaname’s fight starts extremely easy but escalates in difficulty quite severely as it progresses. Be ready with a fast trigger-finger for the later stages of the battle.

The initial phase of the fight sees Kaname moving to one of several possible locations on the rooftop and flinging one or two paper talismans at you. You’ll need to shoot these out of the air; if you rapid-fire over her chest area you can likely take them out before they get to you.

After a few throws, she’ll cast a spell and summon a rain of Mr Happiness to “bless” you. Shoot these out of the air with rapid-fire shots, prioritising the ones that are closest to you. Once they’re clear, Tenzou will body-check Kaname and knock her to the floor, at which point you’ll have just a few seconds to hit the four on-screen weak points for significant damage. They’re on her chest, shoulder, thigh and butt. Once you’ve done this, repeat the whole cycle until you’re done.

I still only got the Good ending!

Kaname in Gal*Gun Returns

In order to see the True ending for any of the routes in Gal*Gun Returns, you need to see the heroine’s Memories sequence as well as fulfilling all the requirements above.

In Kaname’s case, this requires you to get “Excellent Job” or “Perfect” in the boss fight against the tentacle monster in Stage 3. This is actually pretty straightforward: all you need to do is hit three of the yellow targets on the tentacles, then blast the exposed target in the monster’s mouth as rapidly as possible when it appears. If you accidentally hit Kaname, she’ll do a shout attack at you, so blast the red character to disperse it.

If you’re having trouble hitting the yellow targets — the monster’s movement gets faster and wilder as the encounter continues — then watch the movement back and forth, position your sight on the path through which the tentacle moves and fire as it passes rather than trying to “follow” its movement.

The actual fight isn’t tough but time is quite tight, so make sure you shoot as rapidly as possible when the target in the mouth appears. Your final grade is almost entirely determined by how much damage you took, so try and avoid taking any whatsoever to ensure you get the Memories sequence.

Kaname in Gal*Gun Returns


Intelligence at 90+
Athleticism at 90+
Style around 50-60
Lewdness at 10 or lower

Follow the walkthrough above

Complete the Stage 3 boss fight with Excellent Job or better

Kaoruko’s guide can be found here. Akira’s guide can be found here. Aoi’s guide is here. Don’t forget to check out our 10 top tips too — and if you’re not yet involved in the Gal*Gun party, we still have Birthday Suit collector’s editions available right here!

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