How to get Kaoruko’s true ending in Gal*Gun Returns

Doubtless many of you may have been spending a weekend in the company of the lovely Gal*Gun Returns girls, and some of you may be wondering how on Earth you get the best possible endings.

Never fear, Rice is here; we’re going to give you the full rundown on how to woo each of the main heroines. And we begin today with Kaoruko the rich girl — and member of the influential Sakurazaki family who not only built the school in Gal*Gun’s setting, but who also appear to manufacture a wide variety of practical goods for the home, school and office.

Who is Kaoruko?

Kaoruko from Gal*Gun Returns

Kaoruko and protagonist Tenzou have a pre-established relationship prior to the events of Gal*Gun Returns. They’re not on particularly close terms, but they do know one another. Since he’s a second-year, Kaoruko is Tenzou’s senpai, meaning there’s an inherent relationship of respect there due to the conventions of Japanese society.

Kaoruko is a rich girl, but she eschews the extremes of the “ojou-sama” personality type in favour of simply being someone who quietly expects the best and nothing less. You never get the impression that she’s really looking down on Tenzou — but it’s also clear that he needs to make sure he’s “worthy” of her attention before any sort of romantic relationship could ever be established.

What does Kaoruko want?

Kaoruko from Gal*Gun Returns

As the route selection screen suggests, Kaoruko likes people who are “smart, clean and fashionable” but is also “surprisingly tolerant of lewd behaviour”.

Stats-wise, you’ll want to get Tenzou up to 80 or more in Intelligence and 90 or more in Style. That’s all you need, but hovering Lewdness around the 50 mark certainly doesn’t hurt.

An easy way to achieve these stats is to answer Patako’s questions about intelligence and style very positively at the outset of the game, then Doki-Doki with one of the teacher characters to bump the stats up to the required thresholds.

The easiest teacher to do this with is Michiyo, who pops up from behind a desk right at the end of the second area of Stage 2 in the classroom. You have plenty of time to hit her with a Doki-Doki as she approaches, so make sure you’ve saved up a charge or two.

You’ll know if your stats are correct if they pulse white in the interstitial screen between Stages.

What should I say?

Kaoruko from Gal*Gun Returns

Some dialogue options vary according to the exact value of your stats, but this sequence of responses works with the stats outlined above:

  • I had some make-up lessons
  • Getting all hot and bothered?
  • My humblest apologies / Let me make it up to you
  • I’m HUGE
  • *do nothing* / *blend in*
  • You wanna see? You sure?
  • Calmly… / Casually…
  • Understood!
  • I’ll save you!
  • Everything will be fine!
  • Thank goodness
  • Thank goodness
  • “How can I save her?” / I was really worried
  • What do you like in a guy?
  • You’ve got it all wrong! / Why? Tell me why?!
  • Please stop this!
  • Why must it be like this?
  • I’m so happy…

Help! She attacked me!

Kaoruko from Gal*Gun Returns

Kaoruko is pretty easy to take down. Firstly, rapid-fire around her chest area as she throws wads of notes at you; shoot quickly enough and you should take them out before they get anywhere near you. She normally throws them in pairs.

She’ll move to several different positions to throw money at you, but after a while she’ll offer you a “present”, at which point a helicopter will pass over and drop boxes on you. Prioritise the larger targets because they’ll hit you first, but other than that simply work your way from one side of the screen to other, blasting away at each box, to stay safe.

Once you’ve done this, Tenzou will tackle Kaoruko and knock her to the ground. At this point you have a few seconds to hit the four on-screen weak points to deal significant damage. They appear on her two breasts, her stomach and her legs. Aim quickly! Repeat until she goes down. On Newbie Lover mode, you can also do a small amount of “chip damage” just by shooting at her, too, but you’ll likely need to finish her off with one of the knockdown shots.

I still only got the Good ending!

Kaoruko from Gal*Gun Returns

To get the True ending, there’s one final prerequisite: you need to have seen the heroine’s Memories sequence as well as fulfilling all the requirements above.

In Kaoruko’s case, this requires you to get “Excellent Job” or “Perfect” in her painting minigame. In order to achieve this, Tenzou absolutely cannot fall asleep more than once, and you need to hit as many of the weak spots on the sheep as possible.

If you accidentally hit a sheep elsewhere and make it mad, don’t panic; simply rapid-fire over it immediately and you should be able to take it out before it starts moving again.

In the latter stages of the minigame when it gets extremely hectic, remember that you can safely let a few sheep through without Tenzou falling asleep. Prioritise the targets you can easily hit and don’t let yourself get flustered and you’ll make it through without too much difficulty!


Style at 90+
Intelligence at 80+
Lewdness around 50

Follow the walkthrough above

Complete the Stage 2 minigame with Excellent Job or better

Akira’s guide is here. Kaname’s guide is here. Aoi’s guide is here. Don’t forget to check out our 10 top tips too! And if you’re yet to jump on board the Gal*Gun train, we still have Birthday Suit collector’s editions available right here!

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