Gal*Gun Returns is out today, so let’s play it!

Well, the long-awaited appointed day is finally here, and Gal*Gun Returns is, at last, available to everyone! Birthday Suit Edition owners should have received their Steam codes via email earlier today, and the game is now available for digital download on Steam and the Nintendo eShop. Or you can still pick up a Birthday Suit Edition for yourself here — check out our unboxing video if you want to explore the goodies you’ll get!

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Gal*Gun Returns, as it finally provides an opportunity for western players to see where this series began. The first game we got over here was actually the second game in the series, Gal*Gun Double Peace, and, in keeping with the confusing naming conventions of many Japanese series, Gal*Gun 2 was actually the third game.

But now we can see where it all started! So here’s an hour or so of gameplay for you to check out while you wait to get your hands on your own copy — or while you wait for the working day to be over so you can enjoy some happy time with these lovely girls!

Our playthrough explores the opening of Kaoruko’s route, one of the four main narrative paths through the game. Along the way, you’ll see some shooting action, some of the hilarious dialogue options you get to choose between in order to win the heroine over — or at least attempt to — and one of the “event” scenes that offers a unique challenge.

The full game features full routes for the heroines Kaname, Akira, Kaoruko and Aoi, plus an extended “Doki Doki Carnival” story, Score Attack mode and a special unlockable “Underwater” mode. And probably some hidden extras we haven’t discovered yet!

Gal*Gun Returns

Check back on Rice Digital over the next few days for some helpful guides to getting the most out of this super-fun game — the course of true love never did run smooth, of course, but we can at least rake it over a bit to make life a little easier for you!

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