New things to do in Gal*Gun Returns once you get all the true endings

Your Gal*Gun Returns journey isn’t over once you’ve got all the four main heroines’ true endings in the bag. No, no, no. There’s plenty more still to do!

Some of it can be a little tricky to figure out, though, so allow us to provide you with a bit of helpful guidance for the last time — and then it’s up to you to finish Tenzou’s journey of self-discovery for yourself!

Doki Doki Carnival

Gal*Gun Returns Doki Doki Carnival

Once you get any true ending in Gal*Gun Returns, doubtless you’ll have noticed there’s a little post-credits sequence with Patako that raises a few questions. This leads directly into Doki Doki Carnival mode, in which Patako and Ekoro attempt to “cure” Tenzou once and for all. Naturally, Tenzou ends up being the one who has to do all the work.

Doki Doki Carnival unfolds as a series of stages in which you have to complete Doki Doki Mode for two or more characters simultaneously. As you progress through the mode, the stages will branch and allow you the opportunity to get to know different members of the supporting cast. Take care, though, because some routes are more difficult than others; there’s an element of risk versus reward at play here, since those more difficult routes provide the potential for higher scores.

In each Doki Doki Carnival stage in Gal*Gun Returns, do your best to get all the characters’ meters up to full so you can give them all euphoria simultaneously — this is worth the most points. Note that once they’re “full” their meters will decline over time, though, so you’ll need to work quickly, particularly in the stages with a lot of characters. You can “top up” characters who are already “ready” with the heart icons, but you’re best off trying to get as many meters to the top as possible.

Keep an eye on the time limit, too; if the heart gauge in the corner gets down to its last level, consider giving all the “ready” girls euphoria, as although this won’t be worth quite as many points, it will replenish the time limit somewhat. This is an essential strategy in the stages involving six or seven characters at once — particularly if one of them is teacher Rena, whose gauge declines incredibly quickly.

In order to “win” Doki Doki Carnival mode, you’ll need to have scored 90,000 points or more and attained 神 (“God”) rank by the time you reach one of the final stages on the chart. If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll be taken to a true final stage with both Patako and Ekoro, and you can sort things out once and for all. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have the last two remaining story CGs in Gal*Gun Returns’ Gallery mode.

Unlock stuff in the Gallery

Gal*Gun Returns gallery

Besides unlocking story CGs by simply seeing them, Gal*Gun Returns’ Gallery mode contains an enormous amount of unlockable artwork. The feathers you acquire on completing a playthrough can be spent on these — there are 196 of ’em in total, though, so it’ll take you a few times around the game to get them all!

Besides promotional artwork from Gal*Gun’s various releases over the years, there is also a piece of “Happy Birthday” artwork for pretty much every character in the game, plus concept sketches of the game’s locations and characters. Gallery item 25 unlocks new undies for all of the girls in the game.

Score Attack

Gal*Gun Returns Score Attack

Score Attack mode is exactly what it sounds like: pick a route (or individual stage) and then play through it in an attempt to get the best score possible, plus the highest number of girls given euphoria in total, and the longest streak of Ecstasy Shots. This mode strips out all the story in favour of straight shooting gameplay, so if you fancy a bit of Pheromone Shot action without getting bogged down in trying to woo the lady of the hour, this is the mode to go for.

Note that there are a couple of tweaks to Gal*Gun Returns’ scoring mechanics in Score Attack mode — most notably a combo system for Ecstasy Shots chained together, plus a bonus based on how much Heart Gauge you have left when you successfully complete a Doki Doki Mode. Take full advantage of these to set some top scores!

Gotta catch ’em all

Gal*Gun Returns roster

Every girl in Gal*Gun Returns has a profile. In the case of the main heroines, to fill this out you need to clear the game with her true, good and bad endings. In the case of the supporting cast, you’ll need to Doki Doki Mode each of them three times — once in their uniform, once in their gym clothes and once in their swimsuit. In the case of the three teachers, you’ll need to fill out the full profiles for all of the girls in their class and Doki Doki Mode with them at least once.

You’ll know you’ve finished a girl’s profile because there’ll be a ribbon on it. Until you’ve got all the ribbons for all the girls, you haven’t really beaten Gal*Gun Returns!

Score Attack is ideal for profile-chasing because it allows you to select any individual stage in the game. If there’s a particular girl you’re trying to track down, keep an eye out for her in your playthroughs, then replay her stage in Score Attack to try and nab her. The most difficult girls to track down are the three Kuroda sisters Riko, Mako and Miko, since they only appear very rarely. Don’t forget that hovering your sight over a girl before shooting off that Pheromone Shot reveals her name — so think before you blast!

Collect all the titles

Gal*Gun Returns titles

There are eight possible titles for every score grade in Gal*Gun Returns, making for a total of 80 titles to collect. These are determined by Tenzou’s stats at the point he achieves that letter grade, so Story Mode is probably the best place to go for this, since Patako’s initial questions let you pretty much set your stats wherever you want.

The easiest titles to nab are the ones where you’re below or above average in everything, since these tend to coincide with the requirements for the various true endings. Try specialising in particular areas to unlock some of the others, or keeping your lewdness high while the others are low — or vice-versa!

NOTE: The original version of this guide mentioned “Underwater Mode”, which was an unlockable extra in the original version of Gal*Gun. Inti Creates have confirmed that this mode is not included in Gal*Gun Returns — apologies for any confusion caused!

Kaoruko’s true ending guide is here. Akira’s is here. Kaname’s is here. Aoi’s is here. Don’t forget to check out our ten top tips here! And if you’re yet to join the Gal*Gun fun, you can still pick up a glorious Birthday Suit collector’s edition right here!

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